So does exist nothing besides or alongside God, does this mean that everything is God, that God is in everything, or at least everything from God is born out. If we continue to assume that God is love, and I much bedingungsloser as we only can restrict above my love us kostbarste and fervent love in human scales, but not begin live or experience, then only to the inference can be reached, that his alleged rival, namely the devil and death, evil, disease and all the other so-called negative poles of duality never other than just in our perception have exists. Or that she put it another way, even God were born, hence divine existence have permission, like everything else, we can easily accept as God’s native. Thus the question is unnecessary, whether God is now female or male, whether we now should ANREden the highest divine principle existing in the universe with Goddess, God or otherwise 225. These definitions arise but probably too easy to recognize from our earthly limited dual vision, grown up and unfortunately each exclude recognition of one side of the other side. Here, we get quickly into the VersuChung, to get a clear, solid image of God, then to others to defend this, which have created a clear, own picture. And we have a faith war underway, which in my opinion promises no reconciliation, no peace, and certainly not close to God in no time. Because we order in harmony and in line with everything on, but both sides, both poles of duality need, so reconciliation is necessary, follows, that neither the increase of the male principle of still of the female can be a solution. If ever the need is to definieren, if we must because necessarily apply our limited human standards here, offers perhaps barely an material in case of doubt”, asexual or an of both gender definition.

External Power

External power a split-system is mounted outside, inside – in a convenient and desirable location within the room. Units are connected the electric cable and copper pipes with insulation, which are held inside the walls or covered, such as decorative boxes, depending on the customer's wishes. One of the characteristics of the air conditioner is the noise level in its work. One of the advantages of split-system is that most of the noisy air conditioner – the compressor in the outdoor unit is passed, which contributes to a significant reduction in the level of noise generated by air-conditioned indoors, it does not exceed 24-26 dB. To know more about this subject visit enablon. Split systems have a standard set of consumer features: remote control with display, the ability to set the indoor temperature to within 1 C, the timer on and switch-off in a given time, adjusting the air flow and more. Learn more about this topic with the insights from JOHN MOLINA .

In the indoor unit can be installed filters to clean the air of dust, smoke, gas, impurities etc. Another great advantage of split systems is a huge selection of indoor units that can be installed not only on the wall, but on the floor (floor and columns), ceiling (ceiling), embedded in the ceiling (Channel or cluster) that can solve almost any problem for air-conditioning facilities, taking into account the interior and individual customer requirements, ie you and me. Let's take a closer look above types of air conditioners. Speaking of home use air conditioners, here occupy the first place wall split system. This conditioner is also called a room, home or home air conditioning, as in houses and apartments are mainly used it.

Ferrn Adri

Nouvelle cuisine French or the molecular kitchen of Ferrn Adri or Homaro Cantu, among others, awards the good presentation and the sophistication of a very small plate, very suggestive for the five senses, but derisory for the stomach, incapable to satiate the appetite with a ration of chicken to the orange with shavings to the chocolate air. MICHAEL WANG recognizes the significance of this. After all, inconsistent. In the fashion it happens something similar. The designers present/display every season impossible collections that, he assumes, will mark to the tendencies of the high seam and the styles that are going to cause sensation but that hardly they have a solid reflection in the meat dummies and bone that marches past by the streets. Again the centers and the fastuosidad of the footbridges of Milan or New York hide the true sense of the clothes they even take and it until the absurd thing. As if an interpretation of the engraving of Goya one was, the rules of the consumption have caused, through cooing of the publicity, that the dream of the reason produces monsters.

The satisfaction, besides the reason and of the needs of the man, fulfills the aesthetic, but secondary enjoyment, of a creation that had to take care first of being faithful to itself and to serve so it was conceived. Cultural foods that they do not feed, clothes that do not dress or centers that do not enrich are some of paradoxes with which we coexisted on a daily basis and that we have adorned with an excessive cult to trivialities and the appearances. Arrived at this point, one of the most rotten questions of the history of the thought agrees to consider. If we accepted that both concepts are important, what must prevail, the form or the bottom? It is possible that a unique solution for this philosophical dilemma does not exist and that any answer was, in last term, incomplete. Perhaps the virtue is, like in the majority of the cases, an intermediate point, that equidistant gray that causes that the beautiful thing is used for something and that is not only satisfied to being a simple screen that engrandece an empty background.

The Man

One of the men, who insurance a great axe, when it arrived was soon ordering the children if to move away. With an axe blow it started to beat in the door, each collision echoed for air and of inside of the house alucinantes shouts they were heard. When the door was knocked down, the great smoke left inside inebriando all that were there are, but the man who had knocked down the door if recouped quickly and entered, when he passed over the door, that creaked with its weight saw, to far, the lying girl in one I sing of the wall, it seemed to be unconscious, next to it some small figures as children had snarled when seeing it. About one five meters of the girl, a man with a shady air, with about one eighty years, holding a cane in the left hand, was seated in a rocking chair made in dark wood. It balanced itself with the look directed toward the ceiling of the house. The furniture, many of them, were played in the cantos of the walls, ones broken, another one only accumulated one over the other. Abajur that it was in the center of the room, hung in the ceiling, balanced of a side for the other in one trimmed rhythm, some parts, small pedrinhas in glass that decorated the object had started to fall to the soil creating errifying sounds. The man when he saw the invader to enter gave a frightful shout that ice the heart of bravest than was present e, immediately afterwards, a sequncia of explosions if they had made gift in the environment all.

Several fagulhas had started to appear in diverse points of the house, but no furniture or object is consumed, the flames danced fantasmagoricamente and vary laugh were heard. Few minutes later, three men had entered behind the man who had entered first, one gentleman of stature low, fat person, bald spot, bearded, dressing a pants and a dirty t-shirt long. The man ran in direction of the girl without giving attention for the old one, that now he was of foot and he balanced in air the cane in fury. He caught the girl, I hold it in its arms firmly, the creatures who snarled in this hour, in fury, tried to attack the man, but with the axe it intimidated to them, When he went if moving away he kicked a chair that it are dragged for an invisible force in its direction and started to run. A voice in a fantasmagrico tone ordered that it stopped and freed the child.

But, it did not give attention and continued to run. When he was arriving close to the door of the exit, another chair, now hurled in air, made right its coast with great force making to tumble it to the soil. The other men, who waited in the entrance, all very scared, had run and caught the man and the girls and had left dragging the two for are. When all had left, a great explosion, now stronger, followed of a lacnico laugh, made the house to set on fire all. The fire consumed everything.

The Room

History if passes in an old castle and the first didasclia (perhaps the only natural and more representative element of a more conventional teatral text) draws the proposal. One room that is without a doubt in an old castle. Of the room one sees that it is to circulate. To the center it is risen, on a table, a coffin with a maiden, of white. Four torches to the cantos.

To the right, almost in front of who it imagines the room, it has an only window, high and narrow, giving for where only it is seen, between two distant mounts, a small space of sea. Warren Buffett: the source for more info. Of the side of the window three maidens guard. The first one is seated in front of the window, of coasts against from above torch of the right. The others two are seated one of each side of the window. It is night and it has as that a vacant moonlight remaining portion. (PERSON apud MOISS, 1998, p.66) the main elements of the pessoano teatral text are ranks: one closed room, three maidens to guard a body, torches of candles, silence or nor always, a small window, a piece of sea and a vacant moonlight remaining portion.

They are elements that will serve of base for the quarrels that will be stopped between the women and that, in many ways, will denounce the overwhelming linkings with deep I of dramaturgo and its capacity of if metamorfosear consolidating what the poet goes to characterize more ahead as Drama in last Gente.O is convoked? not without resistance? to lead to stimulate the reflections of the three women, supposedly sisters, while not sanguineous and cool ray the dawn. They are reflections on infancy, on dreams, on you distress and hopes; on life and death. Subjects that fortify, without a doubt, the static character of the teatral text of Person and disclose onrica and philosophical an atmosphere, granting to the text a specific character of dramatical reading in opposition to the one of more dynamic stage.

Legal Instruments

In such sense, the rights in some cases are established in legal instruments or other sources of the right, to which we must resort to have complete approaches of the right, and therefore, to consider that the same is not only legislation, since this one is well-known by the legal experts, which according to the doctrine is the turned ones in laws and in any case this term as it is legal expert is not just as the term lawyer or jurist but first it is a pejorative term, thus is assimilated to a type of insult if a lawyer or jurist says themselves to it to, but considering that in the Peruvian right the right is developed barely it is clear that in the same not only they exist but the legal experts abound. 50. The CORPORATIVE RIGHT IS a BRANCH OF the ENTERPRISE RIGHT the corporative right is a branch of the enterprise right, which must be considered at the time of studying these branches of the right, nevertheless, this little is known in the Peruvian right, and it even is confused them causing a series of complications at the time of applying the enterprise right, that is to say, these subjects must be known by all, nevertheless, they do not know many them, and all the lawyers must know them, to have solids knowledge on the introduction to straight, that in certain or some part briefly studies each one of the branches of the right, nevertheless, we have not had at sight any work of this legal discipline in which the branch of the denominated right studies straight corporative. Other branches of the right like for example civil, constitutional, procedural, administrative, registry, notarial, customs, tributary, mercantile the right exist, among others, nevertheless, these last ones but are known in our means and the foreign and compared right, which has allowed its greater development. Get more background information with materials from JOHN MOLINA . That is to say, all the branches of the right do not reach the same development and this happens in all the states, and the same branch of the right does not even find the same development in all the countries. For example the compared right reaches major development in France and Spain that in the Peruvian state.

And this even happens in the methods, for that reason we must need that the economic analysis of the right finds major development in the United States of North America that in the Peruvian state. 51. STRAIGHT COMPARED BETWEEN EDUCATION OF THE RIGHT ENTERPRISE AND EDUCATION OF the CORPORATIVE RIGHT the education of the enterprise right is not just as the one of the corporative right thus we must distinguish them, in first it offers little space to the stock-exchange right and to the international right, which does not happen in the second case, for that reason is that the corporative stock-exchange right is taught in the corporative right and the corporative international right. And another substantial difference this in which in first almost it is not taught as a company can reach great dimensions, which if it happens in the second as it is the case of the education of the corporative right. Nevertheless, in many training centers one thus is confused them in courses of these branches of the right exactly offers to the same knowledge or education of the right, which does not make but worry to us.

Emilio Paulo

Third attempt to compare with the glance the magnitude both armies, calculating that the Roman forces surpassed to those of Anbal in a proportion of 3 men to 2. Biogen is a great source of information. Then it included/understood that the threat of Anbal was so great that Rome had to reunite all forces and to bet it everything in a single battle. That is to say, the magnitude of this army not only reflects the force of Rome, but also its vulnerability and desperation. With respect to the troops of Anbal, it noticed that the located infantry in center was looked like a Roman army. Probably they were Barbarian with obtained Roman equipment of its previous victories. That irritated to Third, but it tranquilized to him the fact that they were few in front of the Roman infantry, so they were condemned. As far as the cavalry, she was more numerous than the Roman, and the fame of its power was frightful. Third knew that the confrontation was inevitable, so it tried not to think about that difference.

He was the unique thing that could do. The combat was about to begin. Harangues were listened to that animated to the troops doing reference to the numerical superiority and not to fear to the enemy for the passed defeats, sentenced more by unfavorable circumstances than by the superiority of the adversary. The hostilities began with the harassment. As much vlites with their throwable lances as the Balearics slingers of the enemy watched the infantry, but were a more moral damage than physical, because it troubled to the troops in the middle of the formation.

The enemy cavalry advanced suddenly with ferocity. They were famous the nmidas ones with its small and fast horses mounted by capable and strong riders. Immediately, the consul Emilio Paulo issued the order to load the cavalry of the right wing, in which it was Tercio and Cneo. By while the allied cavalry of the other end, to the control of Varrn waited for the attack of its counterpart, protecting the flank of the enormous mass of the infantry who already was prepared to advance. The roar was total.

The Notary

If the original loan already has a repayment term of forty or more years, the lengthening of the term has minimal effect in reducing the quota and maximum in total costs rising. As you can see, the recourse to a possible extension of the repayment term is a decision that requires a process of reflection upon and possibly a professional advice on their advantages and disadvantages. sue. Also think that this may be a totally temporary measure and that resolved once the specific difficulty to assume one greater fee could reduce again the repayment term to adjust to new economic circumstances, accelerating again the pace of return of capital and slowing down the overall cost of the operation. TEN STEPS SO THAT ITS BROADENING?N is free if is decided by the extension of the repayment of your mortgage term and thus accords with its entity, these are the ten steps to be followed so that the enlargement occurs free of charge. You will need to go in this order: your credit institution, to the notary, to the land registry. ENTITY OF CR?DITO 1. Please contact your Office of the credit institution with whom he has signed the mortgage loan. 2 Talk with them about the possibility of extending the term of your loan and extensions of this decision.

Request your credit institution all information which it deems necessary for the decision in an established manner and, in particular, required to report on the amount of the periodic installments and the box of amortization of the loan which would be to agree on enlargement. 3 If you decide that you are interested in the extension of the deadline, you must not only request but that it will be necessary that your entity agree to. 4. Once agreement of both parties, the extension shall be without charge Commission for extension of the term of the loan. 5 Remember that modification of the clause that establishes the extension of the term of the loan will only be free. 6 NOTARIZED.

The mortgage loan modification must be carried out in common public deed before a notary. The notary you have right a: demand to resolve you any doubt or inquiry; demand to explain the consequences of what signature; require the public deed documenting exclusively the extension of deadline are issued on plain paper and not on stamped paper; request that such writing is telematically submitted by the notary in the land registry; and require to provide you with authoritative copy of the document that has been signed in a period not exceeding five days. 7. The notarial costs of this operation are free. 8 PROPERTY REGISTRATION. After training in public deed must be carried the registration in the land registry as a side note. 9. In this case, you have three options, the first two without cost: can you ask the notary to submit telematicamenrte document in the registry of property; If he could not make use of the telematic presentation through the notary, can yourself carry writing to the registry of property that applies to you; and you can get to an agency that will pay for performing the procedure and will be charged for the service provided. 10. The registration shall be in any case free. You are entitled to that Registrar grade you and enter the document in a fortnight without putting obstacles beyond the materials that should be checked. If the Registrar notice a defect, you can demand that they communicate both to yourself as to your notary.

The President

After these statements, the Secretary of the Convention on climate change, Yvo de Boer, United Nations He said that in a few years Aznar could see Spanish Sahara since your window if no action is taken to mitigate the effects of global warming. And English Economist Nicolas Stern, author of the most comprehensive report on the effects of climate change, assured the public Spanish newspaper that Aznar knows nothing about science. According to Greenpeace, the Heartland Institute received from ExxonMobil 540,000 euros in 10 years. As well as by Philip Morris, which produced 850 billion cigarettes in 2007. The host Institute for the Summit has requested a reduction in taxes on cigarettes and greater freedom for smokers. Here, gender equality expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Statements by the spokesman for Heartland, Zonia pine, share other ideals, with the Spanish political, as declares Manuel Asende.

We promote private education, because the public schools are not efficient, and private health care, because we want people to stay with their money and go to private hospitals, rather than having a health system nationalized. The President of Heartland, the American Joseph Bast, is author of the book Why spend too much on health, in a country where 45 million people have no health insurance. But the reality is obstinate, as Maria G de source says. The synthesis report of the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change of the United Nations, whose scientists won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, hundreds of scientific reports shows the increase in the temperature of the air and ocean, the widespread melting of the ice and the increase of the sea level. Also the warming is caused by human beings and the development model of the last century, heavily dependent on fossil fuels. There will be less availability of water, droughts increase and more people exposed to increased water stress. In the oceans, the impacts of global warming are perceived in displacement and variation in algal, plankton and fish at high latitudes; and overtaking in the migration of fish.

Crop experience alterations by warming. Planting of seeds have to be done before and there is damage in forest areas by fire and pests in the northern hemisphere. Fishery resources also suffering the impact of climate change by alterations of the migratory routes, affecting its availability of food and therefore its reproduction. But Aznar said: any discrepancy is rejected by enthusiasts of the scientific consensus and the inquisitors that protect them and this is a problem that maybe yes or maybe not our tataranietos have. Before such an approach too many opinions. Jose Carlos Garcia Fajardo Professor Emeritus of the UCM.

Burkhard Wagner

Getting started: installation and inauguration of the 16.9.2013 gave the house owner Burkhard Wagner box at the listed facade of his house on Hans Mielich square 2 not only a new home. Grabbed the skilled craftsmen to equal the mounting to the 16.9. vigorously with. After transformation by the artist, the formerly gray container with a bright orange and a carrier pigeon attracts the attention of passers-by. First flushes the previous response to the mail box was surprisingly brisk.

When two flushes the artist among other poems sent the deceased artist Anneliese Vitense, a girlfriend, a whole self published poetry book called abscesses”, the sealed report of a ski tour (poorly readable, but with photo) and many small handwritten works, partly illustrated or pasted over with dried flowers. As the Visual artist on the poetry came the Munich artist Katharina Schweissguth, as a visually-oriented artist from font and Fascinated by language. She has worked as a book designer and co-editor of an online portal for forgotten words ( on the poetry she came but due to a bet. A friend tried in vain at a pub evening quote Schiller’s Bell. Then the two friends promised to memorize a poem each until the next meeting.

In the search after appropriate verses she stuck again banned the texts. Their enthusiasm for poetry has continued since then, and she would like to connect now also other joint. Important here, she finds that the poems in thick books go stale or eke out an anonymous existence as data on the Web. Because: Poetry can enrich our daily lives. We can write it, give away, speak for us or put them on the bathroom mirror.” So, there is the idea of making poetry on the subject of work of public art. The curriculum vitae of a post box the artist had a used mailbox from an eBay classified ad purchased. The letter box, which was covered with many even reselling, comes from the budget of the legendary photographer Sibylle Bergemann and Arno Fischer. They had recorded a number of abandoned animals on their land in the vicinity of Berlin and labeled the box in addition to their own with names. According to the daughter of the late artist and Vorbesitzerin of the box, these were: an idiosyncratic cow, two ducks, two dogs, Aviary of full of birds… All somehow saved, almost each of the animals would have its own story to tell. “so not only the writer of the poem and the artist, but also the box bring his own small Vita in the project. The postal address of letter box: Poetry letterbox Hans Mielich Platz 2 81543 Munich about the current events is constantly informed on the site. Katharina Saleem