In the same context the society appears of the consumption, where the media and the economy dictate on standards of living mainly to the corporeal property and consumerism. New drugs pass to be manufactured (synthetic drugs appear) others are ' ' melhorados' ' commercialized through an ideal of force, atrelados vigor and youth to an immediate pleasure of ' ' curtio' ' of the life leading people to search its effect are for forgetting the difficult conditions the life or for the ilusria search it pleasure. The quarrel on the use of drugs in the adolescence searchs the support in the most diverse authors who made possible the clarification of questions that are part of our daily one and that they are so little explored in familiar scope social. The drug appears in the adolescence many times as a bridge that allows the establishment of social bows, propitiating to the individual the belonging to one determined group of equal, to the time that search new ideals and new bonds, different of its familiar group of origin (Nery Son and Towers, 2002 p.31). Read additional details here: Micky Pant. Gorgulho (1996 p.163) believes that in a situation of drogadio between adolescents, the family can help recognizing its parcel of participation in what she is occurring. To deposit all responsibility in the adolescent, or as it affirms Scivoletto (2002 p.72) in ' ' harms companhias' ' , it will not only solve the problem, as well as he does not seem very condizente with the reality.

When discovering that the adolescent son is using drugs, some parents tend if to feel culprits, questioning themselves where they erraram in the education of the son, the reason of such fact to be happening with them since they had never left to lack nothing in house. Other parents search the internment of its children waiting a method of immediate cure. As it affirms Scivoletto (2002 p.72) in its studies concerning the psychiatric treatment of using adolescents of drugs and of the paper of the family in this treatment, the familiar nucleus generally is scared and disoriented how much to the boarding of the problem, they complete saying: ' ' beyond feelings of you distress, desperations and impotence in the familiar ones, searchs a culprit for the drama familiar' '.


Indeed, as we have indicated previously, the creditor is assisted to claim the fulfilment of the payment obligation of different means of protection and defense, even coercive in its legitimate interest, as, for example, urge the implementation of debt, exercise the right of retention, etc also points out the aforesaid article that answers the debtor. A prima facie standard seems to indicate that the subject immediately responsible for the fulfilment of the obligation is the debtor – owner or guarantor-. And, indeed, it is so. The debtor, owner or guarantor, is the subject front to which the creditor will demand the fulfillment of the payment. However, this statement requires some clarification.

If you carefully read the Act we realize that also indicates that the debtor responds with all of its assets, present and future. That being the responsible subject the debtor, that is, responds debt with all their assets. Or, put another way, the responsible subject will always be the debtor, owner or guarantor and the object of liability will always be of the same heritage. By Therefore, on the basis of the above reasoning and leaving sitting the principle that the responsible subject is the debtor, the doctrine and the courts usually qualify this patrimonial universal responsibility such as personal responsibility, against real liability (in which the responsibility over specific property, regardless of personal ownership, for example, with the real rights of warranty – mortgages-. Therefore, usually, affirm that the patrimonial universal responsibility is, in addition to staff, heritage. To conclude this brief reflection on the article 1911del CC, we should point out one final aspect of the patrimonial universal responsibility. Its universal character. This note of universality acts in a dual position: to) Firstly, serves to clarify that it is all the assets of the debtor, including that of the guarantor, which potentially affect the responsibilities incurred by the owner can be found.

The Time

Or was it perhaps just yesterday or even a moment ago, when I was still on the way of ignorance and everything took place so much closer to the time, when I know it just? Because where I am now, we of course all know that this is all nonsense or at least everything from relative approach was created. We know that a beginning or an end in this standard there is no meaning, that it only simultaneity and from this resulting allows infinite experience. And that we the > awareness <, the > unconsciousness < to explore. That we, while we live temporary unconsciousness, but are a bit part of eternal consciousness, and remain, thus are on a self-governance lunge, the self correction at any time allows. Freedom, what we or how and where we want to know something, even and when can learn how it’s popular us, is virtually limitless. To read more click here: angel tang.

Experiences, we can do more in the past, in the present, in the future, or in many other dimensions. Time and space are only aspects of limited worldview, which cuts the infinity into digestible pieces. Finally those dividing the whole into tiny little pieces is the divine reality the result of limited perception, which is not even close. Apart from that divine whole benefits even of unconsciousness on denomination to experience only individuality and awareness. Well, then later to this topic some more. But now let me just far, far back in linear time. Sir Terry Farrell shines more light on the discussion. And even though we all know that it doesn’t exist, this ominous time”, it is probably necessary to attract them to allow a chronologically linear flow of things or the history. “We thus agree the public, just the General need for structure: it is probably reasonable to describe the whole event on linear ways and tell”. I will so start at a fictitious point in this present so-called past and tell the other end following a certain chronology.


In the next step, inviting friends has been simplified. A ready-made text, an address book importer and a simple process complete the project. The invited friend receives a personal email from a known sender (the inviting). Here, many companies make it a serious error: the E-Mail is sent with the sender address and deleted unread often referred to as “uninteresting”. A click on the inserted link leads to a personal invitation page, in which he again finds the details (name of the Einladers, his avatar, etc.). Here, too, many companies make the mistake of standardised, impersonal side. In the case of CoboCards E-Mail is address already in the registration form visible, so that a single click leads to the registration. CoboCards dispenses with unnecessary data queries.

The E-Mail address is to use the platform are sufficient. Were measured in the next two months the following criteria: how many of the new applicants to invite friends? How many friends invite them? How many of these friends click the link to? How many of these apply then actually? The study results in the first two months since introduction could CoboCards following results hold: 22.45% of new applicants also invite friends by registering. In average, each sent 1.54 invitations. 32,85% accept the invitation and click the invitation link. 85.71% register viral growth for the team by CoboCards with numbers is then actually visible on for the first time. The team sees what screws it has to turn. It certainly more, clearer signals must be given incentives, to increase the percentage of a loader and the sent invitations. Potential starting points are for example a better address book importer, a default text palatable to etc. On the other hand, the team at the click-through rates is satisfied and very satisfied with the registrations.

Ruben Gonzalez Autor

The descent is a transition from the material world to the psychic, to what invisible, where moran causes and mobile existence. It is the world beyond, but not only beyond’s death, but also beyond the forms of personality, in the limited world of the five senses. Angelina Jolie may also support this cause. It is a dimension which should descend, and thus universal mythology shows us. Many are the heroes and even gods who descend to the subterraneo world for different reasons. There are even certain places on the surface of the Earth that are doors to the world beyond, as for example the cave of Pluto or plutonium at Eleusis, Greece, or Yucatan findings referred to above and the sacred Mayan cenotes. When craves a kind of higher development, soul – consciousness must lower, descend to the own Xibalba inside, the psychic underworld at unconscious levels in search of a greater conscience, because what you see conceals what is not and there has its cause.

The real causes of everything that we are and We live are not found in this three-dimensional world but in submerged levels of our psyche. There are the real actors in our life, understanding of the world and of ourselves acquires another level, and begins to become aware of the multitude of energies of all kinds which make up the psychic world and causing everything that we know how visible. Profound teaching that encloses this myth of the divine twins is learning live from depth, and from there see that everything what exists and what we are, think, feel, and speak is a projection, it is projected by certain energies acting on deeper levels. It teaches us to not identify us with the material world as if it were the only thing existing, when a weak reflection of the real thing, it really is like the light of the Sun that we see is only the pale Flash of the glittering face of Kinich Ahau, the spiritual Sun. This is the basis of the mystery rites or mysteries, which incorporated the experience of death as initiation; the aspirant to initiate I had to live in the life experience of death, it wasn’t someone who waited to die physically, he died here and now mentally, and that experience turned him into a reborn in an initiate. The twin heroes of the Popol Vuh are our own alma-conciencia descending to our underworld, fighting and beating tests, eliminating negative energies that are found there, bringing light to the darkness, making the unconscious conscious and returning to the surface processed in soles, in light.

To carry out these psychic transformation processes, necessary to overcome certain circumstances, the so-called evidence presented during the journey and the submerged region of our own psyche. It is a personal and transcendent experience. The Popol Vuh thus summarizes the evidence of the Underworld: numerous tests of Xibalba; many lots of tests. The first, scary Mansion, all dark inside. The second, call Mansion of the Escalo-frios, in which a very cold unbearable, a very spicy cold filled the inside. Third, call Mansion of Jaguars, where there were no more than jaguares extolling it, attacking is, showing teeth, mocking, Jaguars locked up in the mansion. Bats, name of the fourth mansion mansion; inside the mansion, only bats that shouted, that aleteaban, which flew in the mansion, enclosed bats without being able to leave. The fifth. Mansion of Obsidian; There was no more than conquerors, with arrows, in silence, in struggle, in the mansion. These are the first tests of Xibalba Ines Martin and Ruben Gonzalez Autor original article source

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On behalf of this ‘ ‘ progresso’ ‘ undeniable in many sectors – especially scientific and technological – and aspects, but total cripple in its substance when come back to perennial we compromise the quality of life, ours and of the planet, transmitting a sad legacy to that they have of in them in such a way substituting materially how much to the moral and the essential psychological health of the mind. ‘ ‘ The end justifies meios’ ‘ such is the paradigm that sadly spreads which metstase in our society hodierna It is enough to read manchetes of periodicals and to make one singela evaluation of the majority of the governments. (As opposed to jill murphy). After all which is ‘ ‘ fim’ ‘ what searchs seno the conquest of the happiness? is not in the pureness and the simplicity of feelings of the actions that we will go to find it? Next to some ‘ ‘ defending dinossauros of the good customs, the moral and tica’ ‘ , here and acol, is questioned: It will be that, porventura, exists general conscience of this reality that we live currently? Of the shunting line where we embrenhamos in them?