Summer Garden

The only exceptions are holidays – New Year and Birthday. But sometimes in the tour and its minuses – it's flights. Aircraft Tanya fears, this fear from childhood, where he was some kind of subconscious and it is very difficult to treat so the singer mostly travels by train. In his first interview, which gave Tanya M. Sadchikova, she told everything about myself and then felt that the interview with her big brothers are not, and it was so interesting that after 6 months, journalists have asked and asked for something. Tanya replied always the truth, but then realized that it is better not to tell what can be some issues remain silent.

In 1991, Tanya with a group of 'Summer Garden' takes part in the festival 'Yalta-91', stands in a telecast 'Spark' the song 'No Way' (1991). The first victory was in the summer in the 'Hit-91 in St Petersburg, where Tanya with a group of' Summer Garden 'has filed his candidacy for the sake of airtime on television. There Tatiana got 'Grand Prix', performing the song 'Do not cry'. It just so happens that the 'Summer Garden' notice and was invited to a variety of musical parties, the good they are then arranged in St. Petersburg every month. Was such a tv program 'Top Secret', they liked the director, liked it creatively, and they began to take in all the big concerts. This served as a kind of promotion, because the public then went to concerts quite active.

These European

It becomes apparent that one can improve the competitiveness of reducing costs production. Just to drive the various actuators in the production of Russia is used up to 75% of the total electricity consumed. The problem is that most domestic enterprises, As a rule, engines are installed with the expectation of peak performance, with significant headroom, meanwhile, only 15-20% of the total time of the engine – it's peak loads. The result of this – the cost Energy engine with constant speed for 50-60% more than required to actually! These European experts indicate that the average cost of an electric motor is five times less than the cost of energy consumed by them for the year. Based on the foregoing, it becomes clear need to optimize the equipment manufacturers who use electric. To broaden your perception, visit patrick lee. At the moment, new energy efficient technologies.

In particular One of them is frequency-controlled electric drive with built-in functions optimize energy consumption. Flexibility of changing the speed depending on the actual load of the motor saves up to 30-40 percent of energy consumed. In this case, quite often does not even require replacement for the standard engine. Particularly relevant energy-saving mode for the mechanisms, which occupies part of the time Work with a load below capacity, and low (pumps, conveyors, fans, etc.). Susan Gonda has similar goals. With increasing the service life of mechanical and electrical equipment with variable frequency drives achieved not only by reducing energy consumption, but also a significant economic impact. These energy-saving technologies and systems such as electric drives and automation can be introduced into the sphere of housing and a large number of industrial enterprises.

80% of electric run-up in European countries are already regulated. In Russia the percentage is much lower, and energy-saving technologies, their use and development becomes for us every day more urgent. There are other ways of energy saving technologies and different in their orientation. For example, energy-efficient lighting technologies. We have long been familiar "Smart" lighting systems that are widely distributed in the U.S., Japan and Western Europe. And such a great interest in him is justified – because using this technology can achieve reduction of energy consumption spent on lighting up to 60% – that gives a huge plus for the economy of the company. According to the specialists of Russian companies involved in the development and implementation of such decisions for our country – energy saving lighting technology will reduce the cost of electricity used for lighting up to 8-10 times! If we continue the theme of 'energy-saving technology company', then here can also include the great achievements in the field reduce energy consumption of air conditioning and ventilation. Indeed, just this equipment can be classified as the most "voracious" equipment used in offices and homes. Now the market is replete with the latest developments and technologies in these products, which can simultaneously maintain high performance and lower power consumption. There are also different: energy-saving technologies Transport Energy saving technology in heating Energy saving technology in the school energy-saving technologies and equipment for production energy-saving technologies and systems for Energy Industry in Russia long ago evolved from a popular slogan in the urgent problem that must begin to address right now. Lack of natural gas and electric facilities in the period frosts, global world fight against greenhouse gases in the atmosphere dictate the importance and need radically to change the attitude to the problem of energy conservation.

Berlin Film Festival Silver Bear

Domestic audience was waiting for a picture before the 1st April 2010 and, in my opinion, has not received any large-scale steel or special advertising this movie. What is surprising is doubly and trebly, because on the same tape cut off Berlin Film Festival Silver Bear of three: the principal male roles (2 pieces) and the best operator, or rather "contribution to cinema" for the operator P. Kostomarov. Here in this place in our history we have defiantly ignore the skeptical voices of those who did not like the movie and who say that, apparently, the rest films, the contestants have been worse, but simply a disc with the movie will present to all those who radeet of national cinema and good to contemplative dramas. Viewing experience at home, not on the big screen, did not suffer, maybe even vice versa. Beautiful scenery enchanting, but the action that develops in the film smoothly and slowly, require more immersion than the usual action-already-special effects pictures.

With my own eyes saw a couple of disenchanted, squeeze to the door and mutter something about "nudyatinu and tyagomotina." The funny thing is that guys can be understood! Promised "intense passions" (and this was one of a few posters), and might live, if somewhat unusual, at least talk and a lot of close-ups and strange reactions. Those who went to the distributors promised a psychological thriller, and altogether may be sorry. Although if you want to, "How I spent this summer," you can find all of the above.


Run fast on a treadmill or outside requires a good warm-up in order to intervals in a safe manner. If you don’t know your body, make speed or downhill racing probably isn’t the best place to start if you are a beginner. The truth is that if you start running when you are not used to jog or walk, you can hurt in the first week. So my recommendation if you’re starting is a bicycle, unless you have experience running and know your body well. In addition, here are three important points about the bike. (a) it is used which requires that you feel with your torso erect. When you use a bicycle for intervals your hips tend to move much and your body tries to not very good to be able to ride strong against resistance positions. That is my experience. Click Warren Buffett to learn more.

Bicycles where these with erect torso are better for intervals. (B) for intervals increases the resistance to which you ride and not speed. You’ll have best results pedaling at 80-100 revolutions per minute and you work with stronger resistance. In addition you avoid possible injury in the hips or knees. (c) when you’re in the bicycle must be squarely in the recovery of the intervals and up you can’t stop the seat during the interval. Simply it is important to avoid having curved back because it can affect you posture and low back. The treadmill (La Mejor) the treadmill can help you burn between 16-20 calories per minute of exercise during training.

That is enough, but you have to be accelerated to achieve training at that level but I hope that you have reached that category someday, if not as these already. Only you must be consistent in your training and your nutrition. Some tips: do not tilt it much (can cause you cramping in your calves), but if you can run at 10 mph, uses a 1% incline to help you get the need for speed. The last thing you want is to end in a YouTube video of flying a treadmill until one elliptical. As for run fast, be careful. Find your level and then to overcome it. Two machines that they can also help are the rowing machine and the of these Stairmaster stair climbing is You can use instead of others to add variety to the training. They are also effective. In the end the best machine for weight loss is your own body. I always recommend my clients use circuits of exercises without weights as interval training bodyweight exercises. They are more fun, effective and better for your body since you avoid doing the same motion over and over again and succeed in using more muscles which will help you to burn more fat and lose weight. I also like the circuits without weights because I can make them in my house when I can’t go to the gym and help me maintain my muscle mass as opposed to the traditional cardio for weight loss. You can do exercises in your home like sit-ups, lizards, dominated or jumps for a period of 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest between each exercise. Control your own weight helps you burn more calories and lose weight. Why the treadmill is better and why bodyweight exercises are best.

Nils Landgren

The five selected finalists are: OLAF Lind Quartet (Eng, FR), harm zone (GER), me (GER), Raphael Jost + Band (CH) and Malte of Schiller’s red balloon (GER, A, RU) it will be interesting to see! The WACKER Hall: a four-day program that is worth watching! From March 14-17 are on the programme of the WACKER Hall names of the international top-class and promise a varied and exciting entertainment for connoisseurs and music lovers. While the jazzkantine boasts special surprise guests including Nils Landgren and Pee Wee Ellis on Wednesday, which is Thursday devoted to the Jazz Masters all-stars – a reasonable abbreviation for jazz musicians like Nathan Davis, Abraham Laboriel, Winard Harper and Randy Brecker, Claus Reichstaller. Together with the top pianist Amina Figarova is all in the Sextet arrive. Patrick oben may find this interesting as well. Also a Jazz Master: the Alto Saxophone legend and model of the European cool-jazz generation Lee Konitz. Other highlights of the program include: the old master of the slap bass and Miles Davis musician Marcus Miller, the acclaimed jazz trumpeter and Multiinstrumentalist Nicholas Payton, the multiple Grammy winner Diane Reeves and Vana greedy feat. Paquito D ‘ Rivera, John Hollenbeck large ensemble and tied & tickled trio along with Billy Hart, who as one of the most versatile and most accomplished drummer of the present applies. Patrick burns is the source for more interesting facts. Not to forget: the Saturday afternoon has returned to the character of the Blues! While the mannish boys are prescribed the expressive, traditional blues, Ana Popovic bundle of energy presents an electrifying mix of Blues, soul and jazz with her band. The Friday dance night: Jazz and the Friday heard Artverwandtes for dance the night owls! After the slap-bass icon Marcus Miller and the outstanding trumpet player Nicholas Payton – whose CD of brand new evoking the musical associations of early Prince – the Bahama Group invites soul Club with soul, jazz and Afrolatin rhythms in the GUM to dance. . Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of patrick on most websites.


Its mind is made for accomplishments. You are determined to reach its goals. To be disciplined means that you do not go to abandon its objectives. A time that you are creating the life that you it desires disciplines, it is another tool of its success. The experience taught to me that for being disciplined, you it can not get the things easily, does not take off the focus of its target, happens what to happen. 4.

Persistence Persistence can be defined as the continuation of a effect and after the cause is removed. The ideal decisive moment is caused to create its life that you imagined. Its persistence allows that you see these obstacles not as problems, but as chances. After all, if it was easy, any person could carry through what you will be carrying through. But nor all are in the battlefield as you. You know that its persistence is what you stimulate to go front. Patrick smith has firm opinions on the matter. You go to find a way to skirt any obstacle. 5.

Property Property is to be taking the right to the ownership of a thing. These are its dreams, its objectives, and its life, if you not to take ownership to reach its dreams, who it will make? ' ' It has only two emotions in the market: the hope and fear. The problem is that you have hope when you must fear, and you have fear when you must esperar.' ' (Jess Livermore). But not you. Its fear is motivation to follow in front, because you learned that when you to act, you get resulted. Taking ownership it is the change of taking to move to advance, changing behaviors that are not to function, possibly to change its friends who do not understand it, to deal with the world as it is and not as you desire that it is. 6. If you are not convinced, visit Mikhael Mirilashvili. Orientation Resulted the results goes to finish in one definitive way. You define its objectives and the results that she intends to reach. Because you took ownership, now you have the power to create its desired results. When you not to get the desired results, you you persist, the property is the focus, and of it disciplines are its abilities, unit, to the will, the knowledge and the script, will take that it until where you want to go. The results are simply a form to measure its success. 7. Focus in People Any person understands that the success comes with its success and through other people. A successful person will go to recognize these individuals and to appreciate them for its contribution and the results. We know that success for a person is not success for another one. The success is measured by the satisfaction level that you have in what she chose, for what fought and obtained. As well as we know that to speak, to write it is easy, what it really lacks to the human beings is a small one, but definitive word that will give the way to it of its life: ACTION.


Visually, real published brow hairs are faked eyebrow enhancement in the existing own hairs are highlighted in matching, so the brewing appear thick and full. The colour coded hairs make the eyebrows appear natural and emphasize the individual facial expression of people optical corrections too close or too far apart eyes reconstruction of the brow when missing eyebrows eyes lid strokes meant is a precise line drawing between the eyelashes or near Eyelash approaches. (A valuable related resource: john straus). The eyeliner width can be adjusted the personal tastes and customer perception. The range here from a fine aesthetic line, which only very subtle stresses up to the widening of the eyeliner. Widening it the entire upper eyelid can be strengthened on the one and only the outer corners areas (top and bottom).

Colour exact contour vote, so the eyes can appear larger, more expressive and beautiful. Eyelid points these are densely pigmented along the eyelash approaches. You are compressing missing eyelashes or hair loss. In this way, you can perform a very elegant lamination. A weak lip contour is aesthetically intensified lips lip contour by a precise line along the edge of the lip. Can be irregularly pronounced lip edges in a subtle form permanent makeup will be met. Also, the lip heart can get a subtle, natural shine and an aesthetic emphasis. Lip contour is drawn with shading here first also exact line along the edge of the lip.

Then color a shaded emanating from the line to the middle of the lip. In the Result is a not more so sharply defined lip contour, but a slight aesthetic blurring. This appear the lips of full, lush, sensual and often create a seductive and inviting the Viewer”flair.