The New York Times

Searching through my files I found an article, it is not mine, I reproduce it here as I found it, with small annotations (in parentheses). Continue to learn more with: Citibank. Joseph Kahn. The New York Times a prominent lawyer and Chinese collector discovered an ancient map which, he said, could bring down one of the Central doctrines of Western civilization: that Europeans were the first to navigate the world and discover America. Marko Dimitrijevic Instagram is open to suggestions. (The truth is that nobody who knows anything of history believed the story that Columbus was the first to come to America. We should remember that since the Vikings and even more distant in time, the Egyptians with their cocainomanas mummies bear witness that many came before first. The more convincing is undoubtedly Piri Reis, which have maps and good support) the Chinese map, which was drawn up in 1763, but has a notation that says that it is a reproduction of a map dated 1418, presents to the world as a globe, where all the major continents are presented with an accuracy that European maps did not during by the least another century, after Columbus, Da Gama, Magellan, Diaz and other browsers.However, the map did not have a warm part of some Chinese scholars reception and seems unlikely that convince skeptics that Chinese sailors were the first to go around the world. Liu Gang, partner of a legal study of Beijing known amateur historian, said on Monday that bought the map to $500 in a bookstore in Shanghai in 2001 and that then newly discovered its value. He said that he had consulted academics in the field and he had done a research on your own before deciding to show his finding in public. (In this respect is having doubts, regularly such things are the product of counterfeiting) important thing is not the map itself, he said in a press conference.

Russian City Astrakhan

As I have worked tomato picker in a region of the Astrakhan City (the Sasikoli people, Kharabali City) for two months (July and August) I want to describe this place in great detail. This place was very near the Sasikoli village and the city Kharabali. Turn Kharabali lies at a distance of 150 km (approximately) of the Astrakhan city. So far I remember that summer of 1992. Then I was 21 year old and was energy Muscovite University student.

This veraneal work during my vacation was the way to earn some money. I I located in a barrack as well as and other my collaborators. We woke up at 6 in the morning, drank breakfast and we went to the field work. Follow others, such as Marko Dimitrijevic photographer, and add to your knowledge base. First two weeks the boys desplantaban the field and the girls did the same the first week. Left us gather ripe tomatoes into cubes and echabamos in special crates and kept in the field. A few hours then loaded them on trucks and wore.

On Sunday we rested. Sundays each We passed his way. Some stayed in the territory of the camp to fish in the River with stagnant water that was within walking distance of our barrack, others went to the beach located on the Akhtuba River. A little about the Akhtuba River. That river is one of which is located within the delta of the Volga River and lies very close to him. One day I and two males were the Akhtuba River to fish. Our team contained the fishing rods, worms and crickets and water potada in bottles. To fish enough quantity of fish we did a hoguerra of branches and dry sticks that we had picked up along the coast. To prepare the soup we use the cube that we put into fire (on top of the bonfire). That day was hot (the thermometer pointed out more than 30) and then aprovechabamos that occasion swimming in the River Akhtuba.

Childhood Obesity

It is well known to all that obesity in Mexico is a health problem that has increased in recent years. Childhood obesity is also an issue which has taken special interest in recent days. According to the national survey of health and nutrition of 2006, in Mexico, the prevalence of overweight and obesity in children between 5 and 11 years of age was 26% which represents around 4,158,800 school children at the national level with overweight or obesity. . Obesity is defined as the result of an imbalance between intake and energy expenditure. While both genetic and environmental factors are among the causes of overweight and obesity, it has observed that the increase in the rate of childhood obesity is correlated with change in eating habits and physical activity decreased. I.e., the children of today, have increased their consumption of foods high in calories, saturated fats and sugars and have more sedentary than boys before, above all in the cities.

But beyond the alarming numbers, the reality is that obesity is not well seen in the society in which we live. A chubby child may be subjected to ridicule and stigmatization from their peers, children in school often put them nicknames or relegate them in group games. It has observed that as a result of obesity, children may present behaviours of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, among other psychological consequences. Reshma Kewalramani may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Studies show that children with obesity are less accepted and rejected more than non-obese children (Mahoney, J & Lord, H, 2005) in addition, children with obesity are likely to be victims of bullying or bullying. Other studies indicate that children from 3 years of age show a negative perception regarding obesity and this remains throughout childhood (Mahoney, J & Lord, H, 2005). And on the other hand, overweight children show greater difficulty for thick motor activities, so sometimes they themselves avoid participate in this type of activity. Wendy Ward-Begnoche and Suzanne Speaker within his article: youth overweight: changing behaviors that are barriers to health, published in The Journal of Family Practice (2006), discussed some of the obstacles to lose weight, as family members: is common to the parents of overweight children to evade the situation and perceive his son as a child with a normal weight when it is not.

Your Holiday At A Price

It seems like in particular, people of today in general, and the Spaniards enjoy the good life, at least whenever we can afford. At Ruth Porat you will find additional information. Few are those who renounce a vacation, even if it means having to be a little belt tightening, either before or after them. Finally, after all, if we do not enjoy, why us kill work? Always there to give a tribute from time to time. In addition, it is now very easy to enjoy a vacation at a competitive price. A leading source for info: Marko Dimitrijevic photographer. Possibly, it is a thing of the crisis that we are experiencing all the fact that holiday fares have been reduced considerably. Well, let us seize the occasion! There is no better way of parking aside concerns that a few good days of rest and relaxation. So go already to the adventure and begins to book your vacation. Right now, in fact, there are very good deals for cruises, an incredible way of enjoying a few days for ourselves. You will be able embark the best boats that exist, authentic hotel complexes of luxury where you can enjoy all the comforts possible (costa concordia cruise). It’s boats that include gym, sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pools, various types of restaurants and pubs in addition, now there are a few good deals (for more information click on offer cruise) so all budgets can afford a vacation as God intended. You gonna continue waiting until someone is you forward? Original author and source of the article

Winter Holidays In Germany Zenting

Zenting (tvo) meet with affordable all-inclusive arrangements winter dreams. A forest, which extends its slopes to the South, is the SAMUELS’ Deggendorfer domestically. It is dominated by the 1,016-foot Brotjacklriegel”. In winter entice several ski slopes with four ski lifts and an extensive trail network of 70 kilometers. “Who a winter dream” would like to see in this sun-drenched landscape, Bay, the same arrangement in the Gasthof Kammbrau.

Located directly on the ski and cross-country ski centre Langfurth, serves its guests with friendly, spacious rooms, genuine Bavarian cuisine and varied Spa facilities (Jacuzzi, sauna, massages). The winter dream “package includes three nights with half board, a Guided snowshoe hike and searching for clues to the Lake to feed the wild. Click Marko Dimitrijevic to learn more. It costs 149 euros per person in a double room. Bookings: Traditions-Gasthof Kammbrau, Braugasse 1, 94579 Zenting, Tel. 09907/89220, fax 09907 / 892231,,.. our tip of the month: savings tip for families: obtained for 48 euros in the ski centre Mitterdorf in the Bavarian Forest a day ski pass for the whole family (two adults, two and more children). Seven modern ski lifts and a double chair lift bring skiers to the Alpine mountain to 1,139 yards. Children experiencing their winter magic land with beginner ski terrain and carousel, magic carpet, heating room, childcare, ski rental and ski school.

Sports Nutrition

Not only a well-designed training plan is important, creatine, carbs, and fats in the sports nutrition sports nutrition how to make it right for your sporting success and optimal performance but also the intakes of certain nutrients. What they are and how you can bring your body into overdrive, trying to answer this article is for you. Fuel of the muscles – ATP the energy that is consumed with the sport, must of course be traced back the body. Marko Dimitrijevics opinions are not widely known. A stressed muscle consumes about the three hundred times of energy compared to the idle state. This draws ATP the body the first seconds of adenosine triphosphate, abbreviated. The body can win the adenosine triphosphate from food, because in particular creatine contains.

To include a correspondingly large amount of creatine but you can increase the Creatinspiegel in the body by taking a good Creatinproduktes without having to eat lots of meat, that unfortunately also FAT contains. One way is appropriate Bodybuilding Supplements to take. By taking a Creatinproduktes, you can isolated absorb creatine and thus improve the absorption and formation of ATP in muscle. The result: The most athletes ingesting creatine leads to a greater maximum power / speed. For this reason it has now become one of the most popular supplements by athletes. Carbohydrates carbohydrates and fat are the most important energy suppliers for an athlete.

Are present in sufficient mass are bread, rice, potatoes. Low-fat milk and milk products, fish, lean meat and legumes are good protein sources. The food is not quite as balanced or there is a very high demand taking a weight gainer is interesting. This contains a carbohydrate protein blend designed for a nutritious supply of the body during intense activity. The daily nutrient requirement depends on the type of sport. For recreational athletes should the daily food for fifty to fifty-five percent consist of carbohydrates, twenty-five to thirty percent from fat and 10 percent from proteins. An endurance athlete needed about sixty percent carbohydrates, up to thirty-five percent fats and ten to fifteen percent proteins. A strength athlete the carbohydrate requirements reduced to fifty-five, the protein content increased however to twenty percent. Athletes can afford a fat content of up to thirty-five percent. To compensate for the liquid and hence nutrient loss in the sport, you should take always hydration sufficient liquid. Fruit spritzers are well suited, with mineral water, diluted fruit juices such as Apple or orange juice.

Jobtweet The First Android App

As first German app has developed an application for the mobile job search with Android smartphones. Even if the job search on the Internet has become in the meantime of course, so many offerings lag behind the latest technical possibilities. While job search sites and portals fight even to users, many new options developed in parallel for the online job search. Hear from experts in the field like Ruth Porat for a more varied view. The new generation of workers is no longer dependent on individual job boards and career websites. Web 2.0 with its possibilities of real-time communication offers new channels the Millennials. These are characterized by diversity, dynamism, and dialogue. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Bill Gates by clicking through.

This development provides HR managers faced the question of where they can reach highly qualified junior staff today. Because the “Generation Y” addressed expected there to be, where she mainly: on Web 2.0 platforms and social networks. The Jobsuchmaschine jobtweet tackles this problem, by gathering abroad from the relevant sources and there where you can reach the service providers of the future exposes. Closely related to this development is the trend for mobile Web browsing. It was so obvious, that jobtweet available on Smartphones had to be comfortable. In autumn 2009, an app was therefore already developed for the iPhone.

As a result of the increasing numbers of users of the open source operating system Android, now follows a corresponding application for the Android devices. Usability, adapted to mobile Internet, are all important features available, which we already know from users: A simple input box, clear listing of the latest job offers and direct access to the vacancies. Email option searches and the results store complement the app and make it a useful tool for the mobile job search in the Web 2.0. Just like the iPhone version, the Android app is free of charge and is now available in the app market available. About jobtweet: Jobtweet opens up the benefits of real time Web and social media for the job and recruitment and makes accessible a wide user base. Originally launched as the first offer Finder for Twitter, jobtweet has developed into a powerful search engine for the job search in the real time Web.

Antoniterkirche Cologne

Arbeitskreis of Protestant entrepreneurs (Feu) theological consultant in the Antoniterkirche Cologne celebrates mass on December 20, 2009 (fourth advent) at 14:00 in the Antoniterkirche, labels Street 57, 50667 Cologne celebrates the first time the regional working group Cologne – Bonn – Leverkusen the naming of their theological adviser with a church service. The theological consultants within the work circle of Protestant entrepreneurs (Feu) are chaplains and equip the Feu members for their daily work in the private sector. First, Evangelical entrepreneurs working group and the Diakonia Michaelshoven cooperate to this divine service. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jeff Bezos. The Member of the speaker, Mr Jorg j.-Schmitz, Managing Director of senior services Michaelshoven gGmbH, initiated the cooperation: Diakonia Michaelshoven must be perceived as the biggest employer with Protestant profile in the region in Cologne’s city centre. The Antoniterkirche centrally and the good and fruitful cooperation with the Feu are a welcome opportunity.\” Following the worship service is invited for coffee and pastries. \”Here the also associated with the Diakonie Michaelshoven employment project for women supported specific: meal\” from Porz-Finkenberg the event.

For the spokesman of the regional working group, the recruitment consultant Norman R. Krayer the public launch of the successor to Dr. Bertold cusps is also a sign of a growing self-confidence of Evangelical businessmen in Cologne: \”without Dr. Bertold hump were barely conceivable events of its kind. Camel broke with outdated paradigms within the Church and made room for open and fair dialogue.

On the fourth day of advent we celebrate not only the protagonist, but also this new and fresh wind.\” Dr. Bertold was camel city in Cologne until September 2009. Since October he has been Superintendent of the Church District of Berlin City Centre. We cordially invite you to the service of God – on the fourth day of Advent – for adoption by superintendent Dr. Bertold cusps and the introduction by Rev.

Data Loss: Experts For Hard Drive Recovery

You trust only experts when it comes to your data recovery not on your important Office documents accessible, which contain essential information for the payment? Have you lost due to deletion, virus attack, hard disk failure, power surges a., your important Office files due to data loss, o.? Have you lost the sweet photos on those wonderful memories of the birth of your first child were detained? Have you accidentally deleted the print template, creating so many troubles and considerations has cost you? Data loss is a frequent and extremely frustrating problem in our everyday life, in which computers in the professional sphere as well as in private life have become ubiquitous. Business information is the heart of every company. If mission-critical data are not available, a company may not work. She’s downright paralyzed, if data of payroll, customer address, customer book and other highly important Databases are missing. A data loss damaged not only the reputation and the credibility of a company, but can also lead to severe financial losses for the company. Many companies invest in backups and contingency plans, remain nevertheless susceptible to serious data loss situations that can occur under different conditions. A leading source for info: Jane Fraser.

The range of rescue services has aroused great hopes on aid for the companies involved. Data loss can meet but also private individuals. For someone who relies on the hard drive of his laptop and stores his personal and professional papers there, it can be a blow, when his hard drive of one day succumb to a power outage. In this situation nothing is left him as to contact experts for hard drive recovery. As a professional photographer can get in an extremely awkward position, when he accidentally formatted its memory card or disk on which he images to his orders has stored.

To cope with such situations, an individual just like a company can rely on experts. Those affected can fight even data loss up to a certain extent, if they have good backups, but these opportunities are often very limited. Data rescue service are easy to get, because there is really no shortage of companies that guarantee you an efficient rescue of your lost data. However, it is advisable not to rely on empty promises, but look at a specific company, before pulling it to restore your valuable data into account. A wrong decision can to niece make the chances of a successful recovery completely. You should consider the following points before you decide to transfer a particular undertaking the rescue of your data: make sure that the company has experience in dealing with data loss in all situations (accidental deletion, broken or damaged hard drives, natural disasters, virus attacks, power surges, etc. Make sure that the company has comprehensive expertise in the area of data recovery ensure itself that has the company has the necessary resources (for example, clean rooms), to safely perform a data recovery to ensure you, that the company has the necessary competence, around contracts for various services such as RAID data recovery, hard drive data recovery, email recovery, recovery of encrypted data, successfully to do server recovery, and so on stellar data recovery b.v. stands for cost-effective and reliable data recovery service in Europe. The company has a team of highly skilled engineers, an extensive range of tools and clean rooms of class 100, to enable a data rescue under almost all conditions. Stellar and operates across Europe and has offices in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Hungary, Austria, the Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Meditate Before The Mehrab

Scientists secure centuries old knowledge: meditation strengthens the self-confidence comes a fascinating method to the light of day. What is a Mehrab? How to meditate Sufis? How does meditation work? Why American scientists examine the methods of the Sufis? Interesting questions for the present. The dark room and the energy of life places before, they sit in a dark room. You are before a niche that has a certain curvature. The inside of the niche is weakly illuminated by a tiny light bulb, whose lighting gives rise to an interesting mosaic of light and shadow. Ruth Porat describes an additional similar source.

Her eyes are half closed. Her head is empty. Your heart is quiet a specific and powerful stroke. You expect nothing, are focused entirely on this rhythm. All of a sudden, your soul caught up in the middle of nothing, in the eighth plane, in which time and space do not exist, where death is not known and there is eternity. This only a few known, hidden world is the source of life energy. The connection of the heart Sohrawardi led These spiritual exercises before his Mehrab already 900 years ago by.

His books describe many encounters with beings in the metaphysical world of the eighth dimension. When Alexander the great conquered the Persian territories, the Avesta, the only copy of the Scriptures was given the Zoroastrian community, the flames of the fire. 500 years later, a monk of Zoroastrian faith practiced his spiritual exercises before the Mehrab. He linked his heart with his master, and fell into deep meditation. Through the Mehrab he gained access to the other side and met Zoroaster in the eighth dimension. Their hearts are joined and Zoroaster described him the Avesta in a form appropriate to the time. The monk kept it in mind and wrote it down as soon as he returned to the material world of the seven levels.