The seaside village of Lastres is a must stop for anyone visiting the eastern zone of Asturias. Its steep streets, truffled of mansions of the 17TH century, are now popular scene of filming of the series of TV Doctor Mateo, and ascend by them is the prelude to the wonderful views that we can contemplate from the top. Hear other arguments on the topic with Khanyisile Kweyama. Eating in ballasts is an experience.The town probably deserves more than one gastronomic visit, since there are a wide variety of eateries from home to haute cuisine, magnificent raw materials obviously highlighting the fish. This is a small contribution that we hope to extend or modify according to the circumstances: Rte. The rest (985850462): in the descent to the beach of ballasts, as is enters the village coming from Colunga. Here, Milne & Kipling expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Homemade food at very affordable prices.

To be an enclosure the kids can move without worrying much about the parents. It has a good parking to the side. Restaurant Eutimio (985850012): A reference in the kitchen lastrina’s lifetime. Excellent fish and seafood at a reasonable price; by 40 50 euro you can eat really well. It should be booked in advance if you want to enjoy the tables overlooking the sea. Restaurant el Mirador (985850365): el mirador de San Roque, only by the spectacular views already it would be worth the visit, but you can also eat very well pass. The potbellied of Bertin (985850445): with the chef Alberto Asensio to head the potbellied offers us a very good dining experience with an excellent half price. Alberto has worked with Adria’s el Bulli and Benazuza universe and that stamp of haute cuisine can be seen in his letters. Original author and source of the article.