Community Manager

Since 1995, the year the first social network was created the day of today, 15 years have drawn one of the more pronounced curves of growth that has ever seen; a social phenomenon with a capital that has become the dream of any company the fact conquer social networks. Spain is in the seventh World position of using social networks and everyday users exceeded the 500 million a day; It is incredibly tempting to a company or a Marketing Agency know that 60% of users enter to your account on Facebook every day. However, the presence of companies on social networks and communication campaigns disseminated through them tend to be more unpredictable than traditional communication actions. The situation has become much more complex to design and development of a campaign or a simple action and in a short time – is imposed almost like an avalanche – a digital world overwhelming giving rise to new needs, new roles, new careers, new technologies and terminologies. It is for these reasons that many great professionals of traditional communication that do not have dedicated their time to recycle, are contemplating how their profiles are beginning to become obsolete before a competitive work environment. Some contend that Rachel Pak shows great expertise in this. It is not worth to be outdone in the big race for the conquest of social networks; in recent years more and more frequently on TV spoken of Twitter, Facebook, Tuenti, etc. at the same time which in Twitter and Facebook is spoken each time less than what happens on TV. In this Agile career, Community Manager is the person responsible for communication of a company, responsible for creating, managing, and energize a community of users on the internet.. .