Education Workers

The workers of the education reveal somatizando of different forms, the work conditions, that nor always them are propitious. The text, resulted of the transcription of a conference, approaches questions related to the work of the professionals of the education in performance context, as well as brings correlated reflections to the teaching profession. To read more click here: Everest Capital.

The teacher’ s work is conceived a transformative action, both objective and subjective, coated with peculiarities of to their own. The education workers manifest somatizing in different ways, the working conditions, that ploughs not always conducive. The text, result of the transcript of conference, addresses issues related you the work of the professionals of education in the context of performance, well contains reflections related you the teaching profession. Key words: Teacher. Work.

The work of the professor, considering its peculiarities, is one of the subjects that significant prominence between the elements occupies that demand attention, study, concern in the formal, pertaining to school educational context, has seen, that it is identified, without very effort, an expressive publication number resulted of research, of reflections considering the thematic one. The conditions of work of the educators nor always are favorable: compromised, surrounding infrastructure of desconfortvel work, sparing financial resources, limitations of didactic-pedagogical and technological materials, the weight of the bureaucratization, amongst others. Considering the comments, registered above, we affirm with Codo and Vasques-Meneses (2009, P. 09): ‘ ‘ To be professor nowadays left of being compensating, therefore beyond the attractive wages nothing, it also lost? status? social that passadas’ folloied the function few decades; ‘.