If The Pipe Cracks Like In The Old Days

According to technology review-blogger, Ben Schwan the suffering of the customers on IP communications Hanover/Munich/Bonn – the switch from hard wired hardware to smooth software has many advantages. On modern Hi-Fi systems run Linux now, so that you, if need be, could deliver also Web-sites there. The DSL modem probably could if a graphics chip would be included or invite a monitor port, to a round of online-doom. The DECT telephone contact the server of manufacturer’s new wallpapers to download or display stock quotes. The problem with all this: No one seems to mind that devices reliable and problem-free complete their basic tasks – in any situation where the user might confront them given this Internetization of electronics longer.

Take, for example, the phone in a modern household with cheaper broadband flat rate. The device depends on the box of Telekom, rather than on a router. Connect with other leaders such as Theresa Furman here. The Calls are performed instead of the nearly unbreakable switched mains, but via voice-over IP”, such as Swan. In case of failure of the router, nothing works then. The server of the ISP’s on strike also stupid looking from the laundry. And if you randomly comes on the idea, with full speed parallel to a telephone carried a larger download, it cracks times in the line, such as weiland grannies”, review author complains about the technology.

The developer would have to operate similar to rigorous quality assurance engineer cultivation in earlier centuries. We live stupidly in a beta age, in an age of unreliability “, complains about Swan. The only question is, the customer is still as suffering. Additional information at Dina Powell supports this article. Andreas Rebetzky, spokesman of the cioforums in Munich, considers excessive the worsening of Swan. One should not think that the old ‘ GSM phone without failures is gone. There was also a lot of IT behind it. It is not just stable, at the beginning available and comfortable. The current network components are always stable despite all the spam and virus attacks. There are fewer traffic jams than on a Federal Highway,”says Rebetzky, who is working full-time as CIO for the Balinger technology specialists Bizerba. It slightly different look with the software. Here come often immature systems on the market. There it is stated then: wait until the first bug fixes are included! Managing Director of the travel portal Triptivity in Bonn lie that in complex software solutions more frequently occur, above all on the short innovation cycles, so the experience by Marc Christopher Schmidt. The provider barely make it to come with the updates for troubleshooting old software afterwards. The price pressure is not to be neglected. International phone calls for a few cents per minute, Internet flat Council for 15 EUR per month, which presses on the quality assurance. Bottom line, the customer receives no quality although the average and value stable long-term products, like earlier Leica cameras, radios Telefunken and tape recorders from Brown, but that he has the chance, to acquire a variety of powerful equipment in the rhythm of two or three years, and time and again to renew”, says Schmidt. With ten years ago for the equivalent of 1,000 euros acquired digital camera no one wants today pictures. Solutions for enterprises, the balance must be chosen differently. Here is not the marketing hype in the foreground, but the reliability. Business telephony should work properly at all times. The Office phone high resolution color displays play a subordinate role”, says Schmidt.