Lancia Delta Executive

The loss in value is the most expensive car gasoline is becoming increasingly expensive, it causes the highest costs for motorists. Also Kfzteile and repairs fall financially huge in the weight. The loss in value is the largest cost factor in a new car, however. While the cost savings by opting for a model that uses only half the fuel (for example, 4 instead of 8 l) in four years “only” a cost saving of approximately 6000 brings, the amount of the loss of value is much greater. The Agency Bahr & Fess forecasts GmbH has identified the loss of value of current models (2011) by the year 2015. So, the drop in the value of a Hyundai i30 Edition Plus1. 4 is about 7350 in four years. A golf R or a Lancia Delta Executive, however, is the loss in value in the first four years up to 21,000.

The difference is enormous, the loss of value in a new car can vary depending on the model by 14,000 or more. So, you see, that the loss in value considerably higher than in the weight, fuel consumption. The loss in value must but always also as a percentage are considered the above example is while factually correct, however the comparison limps. In order to assess the loss of value of a new car really, absolute numbers is not sufficient. Because, of course, the loss in value of a very cheap car in absolute terms is significantly lower than a more expensive model. Therefore, it is very interesting how much percent of the loss in value. On most models, the loss of value is in the first four years to the 50% of the new price.

The balance of vehicles, their loss in value including is is good. A high value loss exists if the car significantly less than half of the new price is worth after four years. New cars with the least loss of value in different classes under the Minis have the Toyota IQ and Toyota Aygo with 47 percent or 6.275 and 4.315 the slightest loss in value, followed by the Ford Ka, Nissan Pixo Visia 1.0 and Hyundai i10 classic 1.2 1.1. Under the small scales of Dacia Sandero 1.2 with an absolute value loss of 3.495 the Audi cut best, A1 1.2 TFSI attraction, however, has the lowest depreciation calculated in percent (43.5%). For the middle-class scales is the winner: Audi A5 Sportback1. 8 TFSI, coming out with a loss of 43.5%. Ever more expensive the car, the loss in value is higher. This is at the Mercedes CLS 350 CDI even over 29,000 in the first four years, which is however only 46%. It looks very bad in the luxury class, a Porsche Panamera loses almost 52% of its value, or nearly 40,000 euros. Eva Otter