Monika Martin – You Kissed Me

\”\” The new album from Monika Martin – you kissed me you kissed me \” the 16 CD of MONIKA MARTIN and why every day should be Valentine’s day you kissed me, like it was for the last time,\” sings Monika Martin in the title song of her eponymous new CD. It is the 16th album of by Graz artist, if you Googling their name on the Internet, on the incredible number of two million and five hundred ninety thousand hits comes. In digits: 2.590.000! Trend, because, Monika Martin is by far the most successful artist of the genre folk music in German-speaking countries. This has several reasons. One of them is the kind and way, bypasses as it does with her audience, as she walks towards the people and these thank you almost with reverence. Another reason is the distinctive characteristics of their voice that embodies the person and the artist in the expression, that in turn sensitive deals on their way with their music.

This, their music has proved key to the souls of the people. Monika Martin that would one does not work without the other. Text and music result that Foundation, which brings the voice it to vibrate. It is not only the high tones that make up the recognition value, but what is in the notes, is a kind of work that is not suitable to the side by listening. \”But, and that is kissed me exciting because, quite to the dance, like the one held in the Fox rhythm gives you it is\” shows. \”Johann Wolfgang Goethe once said: A correct answer is like a lovely Kiss\”. Monika Martin seems to confirm the poet Prince, she says in the title song of her new CD: you kissed me, like it was for the last time. You kissed me as deep as never before, and it scared me.\” The fear of not openly pronounced wonder whether the love stops, whether loneliness stays out on the doorstep inside these lines of text.