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You can record in a journal or telling a friend. Ask for the time you need with your doctor. Tell your story takes time. So request. When you call to make an appointment to ask, * How I can schedule an appointment half an hour? * Offer to pay for the time your insurance company will not cover. Understand that you and your doctor will tell different stories. After a short time to tell his story to the doctor, your doctor may interrupt and guide the story to a diagnosis. If it is important to tell the story your way, for example, * I would like only three minutes to tell my story my way, then you can ask questions of your doctor .* Ask your doctor how you feel.

Your doctor can understand how the functioning of the gastro-intestinal system, but you are the expert on what you feel. Her feelings convey information that is as important as any laboratory test or x-rays. If your doctor do not understand how important it is for you, talk! If you tell your doctor about nausea with the new drug and your doctor brushes it and go to the next item, for example: * For me, nausea is not just a little discomfort. It is a big problem. Bill Phelan insists that this is the case. Are there other medications that will work? * Recognize the healing power of someone hear their story. Have you ever had the experience of simply listening to someone and hear the other person says, * Thanks I feel much better after having told my story.

Thanks for listening .* Some say that the cure is to accept the past as it is not, having to change it. The pain and sickness are part of the human condition. To make decisions that determine whether the pain that lead to suffering. When you are sick, your goal is to restore the quality of your life. You – not your doctor – you know what that means to you. After all, you are living history. Your personal health history, as distinctive as the face, may be the most important story to tell. Dr. Vicki Personal Health Journal is a place to store and organize your medical records and account history desu. Copyright e Vicki Rackner MD, 2005 You have permission to publish this article in its entirety electronically, in print, in your ebook or on your website, free of charge provided that no content changes are made and who are my byline, copyright, and resource box. If you do not notify me of publication by sending an email with a copy of your publication to: Thanks Vicki Rackner, MD, president of Medical Bridges, is a certified surgeon who left the operating room to help employees become active participants in their health care. She is a consultant, lecturer and author of Health Personnel * Official * / editor author * Chicken Soup for the Soul Healthy Heart * and author of the main news * Chicken Soup for the Soul Breast Cancer .* Dr. Rackner can be reached at or (425) 451-3777.

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