Raising Kids Well

Or child firm decides for himself that he'll be different. Often, children from such families in the future become very loving and affectionate parents. 5. And probably the best option, parents – mentors. These parents really engaged in their children. They do not just give them in kindergarten, then school, college. And then throw his hands in disbelief as to why, they say we have no understanding with the children.

Parents – teachers are genuinely interested their children, communicate with them, approve of any of their choices, helping to make the right decision. These parents from childhood watching the interests of their children and help them at an early age to find his calling. Such parents never tell their child: go to work or study here, because I was young like this, and now you will realize my dreams. These parents will never be manipulated by their children, forcing them to do what the parents see fit. Parents – teachers provide a full selection of your child while helping him suggest we do everything for the child to find his own path in life. Learn more on the subject from Marko Dimitrijevic. K Unfortunately, a minority of such parents. Maybe because we have years of teaching physics, mathematics, literature and other times completely meaningless things, but nobody ever taught us how to be those parents who can bring to this happy and harmonious children. It is no secret that many people throughout his life continued in one form or another to suffer because of relationships with parents. Someone refuses or avoids communication.