Securities Management

In other words, give a humanized basic strategic goal of the company, which is, of course, survive by obtaining the maximum economic benefits. In fact, the Securities Management becomes a kind of comprehensive framework for continually designing corporate culture, so as to generate collective commitments for new and exciting projects. If you want a high quality professional performance, the qualitative factors or values such as confidence, creativity, honesty and beauty are as important as qualitative rather than traditional economic concepts, such as efficiency or return on investment is currently in Venezuela there are more organizations that are striving for transparency as a tool for democratization and social mobilization, companies have as one of the foundations of corporate ethics: No solid values to be courting disaster. With strong values, companies can face the international markets, but of course, some people get over the ethics and values financial performance, but do not realize that corporate ethics can become a source of competitive advantage because through it you can attract customers and staff class. Only with ethics, the moral commitment to be played by human resource manager and can be ended so entrenched corrupt practices in the country for several decades to destroy the value and harm the economy and society, if it weighs more organizational culture with common values (rather than codes or rules) to serve as the path of individuals within organizations, then it could provide additional ethical components in an enterprise. If we take into account and we rely on human capital which is one of the key business assets and become aware that people have value in themselves, that they should be respected and which can not be treated as a means but as an end, have taken the first step to justify ethically the institutions and this is an area that still needed to strengthen in most companies in the country.