The Time

Or was it perhaps just yesterday or even a moment ago, when I was still on the way of ignorance and everything took place so much closer to the time, when I know it just? Because where I am now, we of course all know that this is all nonsense or at least everything from relative approach was created. We know that a beginning or an end in this standard there is no meaning, that it only simultaneity and from this resulting allows infinite experience. And that we the > awareness <, the > unconsciousness < to explore. That we, while we live temporary unconsciousness, but are a bit part of eternal consciousness, and remain, thus are on a self-governance lunge, the self correction at any time allows. Freedom, what we or how and where we want to know something, even and when can learn how it’s popular us, is virtually limitless. To read more click here: angel tang.

Experiences, we can do more in the past, in the present, in the future, or in many other dimensions. Time and space are only aspects of limited worldview, which cuts the infinity into digestible pieces. Finally those dividing the whole into tiny little pieces is the divine reality the result of limited perception, which is not even close. Apart from that divine whole benefits even of unconsciousness on denomination to experience only individuality and awareness. Well, then later to this topic some more. But now let me just far, far back in linear time. Sir Terry Farrell shines more light on the discussion. And even though we all know that it doesn’t exist, this ominous time”, it is probably necessary to attract them to allow a chronologically linear flow of things or the history. “We thus agree the public, just the General need for structure: it is probably reasonable to describe the whole event on linear ways and tell”. I will so start at a fictitious point in this present so-called past and tell the other end following a certain chronology.