So does exist nothing besides or alongside God, does this mean that everything is God, that God is in everything, or at least everything from God is born out. If we continue to assume that God is love, and I much bedingungsloser as we only can restrict above my love us kostbarste and fervent love in human scales, but not begin live or experience, then only to the inference can be reached, that his alleged rival, namely the devil and death, evil, disease and all the other so-called negative poles of duality never other than just in our perception have exists. Or that she put it another way, even God were born, hence divine existence have permission, like everything else, we can easily accept as God’s native. Thus the question is unnecessary, whether God is now female or male, whether we now should ANREden the highest divine principle existing in the universe with Goddess, God or otherwise 225. These definitions arise but probably too easy to recognize from our earthly limited dual vision, grown up and unfortunately each exclude recognition of one side of the other side. Here, we get quickly into the VersuChung, to get a clear, solid image of God, then to others to defend this, which have created a clear, own picture. And we have a faith war underway, which in my opinion promises no reconciliation, no peace, and certainly not close to God in no time. Because we order in harmony and in line with everything on, but both sides, both poles of duality need, so reconciliation is necessary, follows, that neither the increase of the male principle of still of the female can be a solution. If ever the need is to definieren, if we must because necessarily apply our limited human standards here, offers perhaps barely an material in case of doubt”, asexual or an of both gender definition.