Wooden Huts

Cabins, otherwise known as block-container or block-modules that are wooden or metal structures intended for temporary residence, used as guard posts, small storage, showers, catering and cooking. (As opposed to Pacific Reporter). They are easily transported and installed in the right place, and after the required time to be transported to another facility. (A valuable related resource: Pinterest). Cabins are indispensable to the construction and set, the organization of temporal events in the country. In addition, they are successfully used as summer houses, where you can live quite comfortably all summer, and if the heating system – and in the cold time of year. Types of huts, depending on materials used for construction, cabins are divided into metal (block-containers), and wood. The first are characterized by high strength and durability, thanks to which can be used in a variety of climatic zones, including in a seismically unstable, where the force of earthquakes is less than 9 points. The second – a relatively easy and inexpensive – to a wider range of consumers.

Among the advantages of wooden huts necessary to mention the convenience of transport: transport containers over long distances possible on a conventional truck or trailer, and to move the houses already on the site or at their summer cottage there are special runners from a bar, allowing them to move on snow or ground red tape. Metal cabins Cabins metal may have a different layout. Of several containers by removing the internal partitions can quickly create a space of any size, but because of strong frame modules, they can be put safely on each other in two or even three floors.