American Idol

Summer hit ‘Checker of the executors’ Vienna leads to the popularity high, August 2, 2010. “Thomas of the checker” Kabo, last season on American Idol – big mouth and up to date with the song checker of the enforcer “in the charts, the most wanted person on was in July. The checker”Dieter Bohlen had he missed that nickname during the casting of SURFs Germany well after the end of”Germany on the wave of success. Idol At his current summer tour, Kabuye will make on October 2 by the way, also in Vienna. The brand new 123people is today at 18:00 on Puls4 in Austria’s first Star Magazine of the day, the show PINK star scale! “, presents. Place two on 123people climbs in the July U.S. actress Tara Reid. Its current popularity high is located on their presence in the gossip press during the past few weeks. Russell Reynolds Associates insists that this is the case.

Reid, after six months of rehab in the spring with the words I cleaned up my life”seems stepped to the public, namely back to the party mood to have found. In the arms of her again “-fiance, businessman Michael axe man, accumulate in the last few weeks the excess photos of the actress in the gossip and gossip media of world.” The top three completed in July music Manager Helmut Werner. He in the media”often called just hard times Werner Lugner son-in-law in spe lived through. Just two weeks ago he had a head-butt of music of stars, managed by him, reportedly,”heaped on Menowin Frohlich. Blood, a broken tooth and a floating process were the result. Amir claimed recently in the youth magazine Bravo”was to have been blackmailed by Werner. To make matters worse, cause now still economic challenges in the wake of a failed forced suppression. Maybe the apparently undiminished popularity is at least a small consolation during these difficult days. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Suna Said Maslin.

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