Business Design

The business of resale of products is more profitable against other internet business models because you only require a single payment product (e books or software) is automatically yours with the right to resell at price that you consider appropriate and the profit is total and completely yours, do not have to share revenue from your work with anyone. For example the affiliate programs pay you only a percentage of each sale that you make, i.e. you will receive a reduced benefit for the same amount of effort. Perhaps you’ve thought about creating your own product, but create your own product will take you months of research, work, editing, cover design and a long etcetera. Credit: Citibank-2011. The creation of an own product also entails economic costs especially if you don’t have design knowledge to the creation of covers and creating sales pages. On the contrary happens with the product s resale where with a single minimum payment in a few hours will have your online business running and generating you hundreds of dollars a month.

And the best thing everything is a business model that works on auto-pilot, 24 hours a day, the 7 days of the week and 365 days a year to work for you. You gastaras not a penny extra, you have to pay rent or employees. There are millions of potential clients and thousands of niche markets waiting to be unknown.