Capoeira in Kazakhstan, is daily becoming more popular Brazilian national wrestling – capoeira. This form of martial arts appeared in the Portuguese colonies, more than four years ago. Capoeira – Brazilian form of self-defense slaves. To hide the activities of the exploiters, they disguised their training under a ritual dance around a bonfire. Kevin Ulrich Anchorage Capital is the source for more interesting facts. Capoeira – the fight is based on kicking and head. Shaukat Faskulin – coach Slaves had no other way They had their hands tied and do not initially in the hands of capoeira, it is only their feet. With one stroke you can take down a man with legs and he will be defeated like the death 400 years ago, capoeira is reminiscent of the rhythmic motions under music.

Strike an opponent in training is prohibited. First – tradition. Others including Jane Fraser, offer their opinions as well. Secondly, can cause serious injury. (Similarly see: Kevin Ulrich). Kazakhstan Brazilian fans fight saying that if it were not for music – there would be no capoeira. Classes are singing songs in Portuguese. Learning a language – a prerequisite for a fighter capoeira.

Shaukat Faskulin – coach in some of the songs sung – yes danunegu – thou shalt come this guy sings the lead singer, all picked up, it is a kind of dialogue, if someone is afraid, I say thou shalt come this guy, all podhvatyvayuti he goes, if someone understands it gets it. The rhythm of the game is given a large drum (atabaque), tambourine (pandeiro) stringed instrument – berimbou. Shaukat Faskulin – In most cultures, trainer battle, no music, so they're fighting strictly for the murder. The main thing here is not to harm, and all game music, game, without harm to themselves and to other external Despite the peaceful Capoeira fighters, this kind of deadly martial arts. As a rule, the outcome of the fight in capoeira solves only one hit. Shaukat Faskulin – If the opponent let coach strikes or a hand or foot at the same time I is found to be behind him, and taught this technique has some specific, how to get around, how to evade, as err, while he puts his leg, absolutely no hands, I can not butt his head and broke his spine. Today, the Aktobe, fortunately there are no slaves or slave markets. Even sugar cane is not observed. Meanwhile, the popularity of capoeira is growing. This is not surprising, nor in any other form of martial arts and dance can not be simultaneously and learn how to fight.