Christian Marzian Imaginaro

My baby calendar starts many people with many new updates a very personal gift would make the birth of a child, due to receive the small new born. On my, designed the customer an individual Baby Diary online and can order it from 1 piece. A gift may not be personal. With its online service, my baby calendar is according to the needs of newly minted parents the IT services provider Imaginaro. On my, Mommy’s and Daddy now create your personal Baby Diary, in which you can hold the fondest memories in life with her little Darling and documenting its development every day. The individual design options make something so wonderful and unique as a newborn baby calendar. The customer can give free rein to your imagination in the creation of the envelope.

The background can be colors, beautiful designs and their own distinctive unique text. That still isn’t enough who uses the brand new image uploads, which now also allows the use of photos in the design. Through the practical move to get the desired image section. A combination of all of these functions is also possible and awakens the play instinct with security in each. Funny day – and week modules such as the “Launemometer” or “Meals” help Mamas and Papas to hold all important moments in the growing up of small new earthling. In the annex a development calendar, lullabies or many useful tables on different topics can be found either. My baby calendar is the specialization of the calendar Portal my, which offers personalized Pocket Calendar from 1 piece.

“The calendar Portal my in the market has become in a very short time, because this type of calendar and online design program are still not there have been in Germany. Precisely, for us, it was of particular interest, to find specific niches where this segment is still missing. What us hopefully with “my Baby calendar”succeeded”, says owner Christian Marzian Imaginaro. The baby calendar is fun and useful modules and its annexes and the individual possibilities to design a personal gift to the birth and an ideal diary for Mommies and Daddies, who each day would hold their baby’s development. Via my My sells baby calendar/baby year Planner since autumn 2010 in the format 15 x 14 cm. Each baby calendar can be personalized by the customer in just a few steps through the online application and individualized. In addition to personal color design, own photos and his own texts, it is possible to choose useful and fun day – and week modules that appear directly in the calendar. In addition, the customer can freely choose the starting month of his calendar and choose between many different attachments. The ordered pocket calendar is delivered within a few days to get home. More information and press contact: Imaginaro INH. Christian Mac Reeser Strasse 199 47546 Kalkar Stephanie rust Press contact telephone 0 28 24 / 96 15 465 fax 0 28 24 / 96 15-950 eMail: baby calendar baby calendar baby calendar, baby, birth, gift, photo, individual, unique, unique, calendar, development, progress, modules, attachments, color