Compex Commerce In Practice

Compex Systemhaus GmbH at the EuroCIS 2009 Europe’s leading IT fair for the retail, EuroCIS presents the Compex Systemhaus GmbH in Hall 14, stand B 18 their standard software Compex commerce. Tried and tested examples (Kaiser’s Tengelmann AG), the Heidelberger company shows industry-relevant reference business processes in the food and non-food area. Another focus of the trade fair appearance is the new release of 3.46 live Compex presented a wider audience for the first time. Based on a 4-tier client-server architecture, the software among other things has an advanced graphical user interface (GUI). Customers talk about Compex using Heidelberg Software House the exhibition platform, to introduce the flexible, continuous process and workflow-oriented trading software to an interested international audience. Examples of renowned practice Compex explains the user by means of a series as much transparency, which offers software for all business processes and how they of Options helps to reduce operating and process costs. For more information see this site: Marko Dimitrijevic, author. Compex Commerce allows the user interface-free integration (without media discontinuities) cost-effectively to optimize business processes of Central and Filialwarenwirtschaft, the logistics and accounting among others and thereby to achieve competitive advantages.

So, for example the automatic and Auto-adaptive disposition of the inventories in Compex commerce is integrated. This uses the MRP of recognized stochastic forecasting techniques. The range in correct quantity, at the right time and in the right place so available even if the demand constantly changes depending on the day of the week, season or school holidays over the period. The car adaptation maintains the necessary master data of MRP automatically, so that also the master data maintenance is cost minimized. Release 3.46 3.46 Compex commerce based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and allows for example.

the central installation of the client. This simplifies the administration many times, which reduces maintenance costs and reduces the costs. Compex Commerce 3.46 is traditionally backward compatible to the previous version. All investments already changing the release maintained thus meaning a big competitive advantage for the Compex users. About Compex Systemhaus GmbH, founded in 1990, Heidelberger by Compex Systemhaus GmbH has established itself with a standard software for the wholesale and retail trade successfully on the market. Under the direction of the company’s founder and managing partner of Christophe Loetz the company could expand its position in Germany and several other European countries in recent years. It maintains strategic partnerships with IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Oracle. The Compex teams composed of highly qualified experts with many years of practical experience: trade, logistics and project specialists, as well as software developers. Compex owes this success to its innovative software. Specially developed process-oriented tools model the business processes for the control of all Merchandise management and logistics processes with values in the standard reference model for example for the following industries: food trade (food/non-food), electric and electronics, DIY stores, drugstores, technical trade, sanitary and construction fittings.