Concertino Security

Reinforced barbed tape is Baratas Ray Ban by far one of the most perfect physical barriers to protect the protected perimeter. Reinforced barbed tape is made from galvanized steel strip having double-edged blade and a reinforced high-carbon steel core. Reinforced barbed tape has a high and piercing and cutting properties, and also has a spring effect. Reinforced barbed tape has aesthetic appearance, has a convenience for the installation and construction, used in various structural elements for the obstacle from unwanted intrusion: the roofs, fences, fences for walls, ventilation mines, fences for construction of civil and industrial use. Reinforced barbed tape divided into four types: 1. Spiral Safety Barrier Razor. 2.

Flat security barrier concertina. 3. Threadlike security barrier. 4. Spiny welded security barrier.

Now let us consider in detail each type, its purpose, properties and uses Spiral Safety Barrier Razor. Spiral Safety Barrier cheap nfl jerseys Concertina is divided into two types: simple coiled security barrier Concertina and volumetric (crossover) spiraling security barrier Concertina. Simple spiral security barrier Concertina represents a spiral of reinforced barbed tape, which is installed on the Cheap Jordan Sale stretched wire (string) as shown above. Volumetric or spiral cross barrier Safety Razor consists Wholesale nfl Jerseys of a reinforced barbed tape coils coils which are fastened by special lock so that cross-volume barrier Concertina acquires properties formidable, springy, spatial structure, see figure و is located below. Flat kontsrtina security barrier. High barrage properties and numerous other advantages of the flat barrier security Concertino allow the use of this barrier to establishing effective fences around the various objects of civil, industrial and military purposes. These objects include for example: the territory of industrial and agricultural enterprises, power plants, airports, warehouses, private cottages citizens, facilities of the Ministry of Defence and army units, Interior Ministry facilities, correctional facilities, facilities of other law enforcement and special agencies. Threadlike security barrier. Filamentary barrier Security is made of reinforced barbed tape lines, which stretched between the legs form an impenetrable barrier preventing unauthorized entry into the guarded area. Flat barrier made of reinforced barbed tape. Flat barrier of reinforced barbed tape designed for the construction of effective barriers stationary type for the protection of various objects from unauthorized unauthorized access. Represent a network of reinforced barbed tape attached to one another at the intersections of the wire and placed in a rigid frame. That's Cheap MLB Jerseys probably all, it remains only to determine what you need zaschischyat, the rest to professionals. When using any article direct active link to the source required!