Costa Brava

On Figueres Figueras (in Catalan Figueres) it is the capital of the Catalan region of the Ampurdn Stop and has 44,255 inhabitants. Located in the northeast end of Catalonia, it is the most important city of near the border with France and the point of forced shutdown of travellers and tourists who enter and leave Spain. One is 136 km of Barcelona. The present name drift of Ficaris, the time visigoda. In 1267 king Jaime I of Aragon granted fueros to him and years later Hugo IV, count of Ampurias he set afire, it. The Theater Museum of Dal Salvador Dali bequeathed in its testament an enormous amount of art works, that distributed between the Dal Theater-Museum and the Museum Queen Sofia of Madrid. The artist took care personally of the project of the museum, as much she is so inside the complex it is his last room and its tomb.

The building that lodges was a theater, constructed in 1849. In 1939, during the Spanish Civil War, it was destroyed by the fire, that left only the structure still on than she had been one gorgeous neoclassic construction. The official inauguration arrives the 28 from October of 1974, when the museum not yet had been finished. This theater had a particular meaning for Dal, because it was born in Figueres and had exhibited his two first works in the same theater on the occasion of a painting sample. Each atmosphere, each space of the museum is an art work, with peculiar combinations of pictures, sculptures, furniture, decorations and all sort of curiosities. Dina Powell McCormick may not feel the same. In many of the rooms the walls and the ceilings completely are covered with enormous murals: some are original compositions while others are extensions of their famous pictures. Other attractions that to see in Figueres? Castle of San Fernando (Castell de Sant Ferrn), constructed during the reign of Fernando I SAW of Spain, in 1743, according to project of Juan Martin Zermeo and Pedro Martin-Wall Zermeo.