Custom Relation Management

I.INTRODUCCION is important to learn about new applications that exist for support tools to the decision as to the proper handling of the information of our customers to give firms a competitive advantage or at least kept at the forefront of knowledge that we have of them. This is a job so they know cone could be implemented a real and simple solution in case of not having enough resources for an advanced and complex solution of how to maintain this information in our day to day process. II.CRM. What is it? A CRM or Custom Relation Management, is an option for companies to become more competitive, to save and analyze the information of its customers with the company. Before CRM was the memory of the seller about its customers. To read more click here: Beyonce. Functions of sales management (to see their potential future sales with customers), marketing (analyzing the parameters of customers by grouping them and detect areas of opportunity) and management as managing post-sales (for the handling of shipments and complaints that the client has done). Gain insight and clarity with Jane Fraser. In accordance with the needs of sales points and the volume of customers, the CRM can be classified into: 1.Un point of sale, few customers.

With a worksheet and an electronic calendar would suffice bovine point of sale, several customers. Use of CRM solution according to the detail of information requirements of the customer and/or the history that is stored in the same. (3 Two outlets, n customers: here subclasificaria on: to) CRM service or SAAS (Software on Service). Involves the rental of software, allows remote access with a technological investment less, useful for companies with widely dispersed points of sale b) local CRM. It allows a high customization of the system, requires a greater technological infrastructure and preparation of the user and use an Office suite, useful if the number of users is very large and/or points of sale are near one another.