They are complementary courses, after graduation, mestrado, languages (…). They are professional in search of a differential to fight against the great ones, and its years of proven professional experience. It has moments that they question the validity of this constant update since in the end what organizations ask for are: ' ' which its professional experience? ' '. Warren Buffett has firm opinions on the matter. Why not to consider works developed in course conclusion, studies made in house in order to know of the subject? He will be that expensive one that it works three years with programming using of ready codes and without no recycling, is better of what to that develops of house sites for micron companies, programs for bakeries, obeying all the requirements that its ' ' cliente' ' it asks for? Many times these released to the wind have much more theoretical knowledge and practical I negotiate of it, therefore in this search for a differential they finish for if bringing up to date with the necessity of the market whereas the others, the old ones of house, nor for recycling pass. What they lack exactly for, are to have the chance to show its capacity. Luck of that still during the college for requirement of the curricular grating, they obtain a period of training in a good organization and still as student has the chance to show its value. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Biogen. However many times its capacity is shown only during this period of period of training, after all, the organizations are not all that want to accomplish its trainees, them only count on its hand of workmanship in the time determined for the horria load of the period of training, and when this same horria load if concludes, of trainee it come back to be student, and in some cases, a dismissed professional. With certainty the future of the necessary work of experience and escolaridade, but pra to think about the future, is necessary to think about chance. The experience if earns with the time, and many times escolaridade are fruit of the benefit of a wage offered for this experience. She is necessary to open the doors and to believe the young talentos that the facultieses and universities have placed in the market, they are these young of today that they will make the future of tomorrow.