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On TV screens more than 100 countries around the world for twenty years has shown 22 seasons, totaling twenty-third include more than 460 episodes. A huge number of nominations and awards, including 22 Annie Awards, Peabody, and many others. These features and services are a factor because of which the longest-running American television series in the history of The Simpsons fame surpassed by its competitors. In 1998 he was named the best TV series of the past XX century on magazine 'Time'. He even opened the Simpsons star on the famous Walk of Fame.

Among the issues on 'Sipson' left far behind even such titans of American television as 'The Flintstones'. Frequently some phrases characters of the series are close enough to many, but the central characters – The Simpsons family – finds, perhaps, by anyone. In small roles are often show real stars and celebrities who are themselves also voices of his characters. For this reason, the already crowded simpsonskaya piggy bank was replenished the next achievement. Today, they are recognized animated television program with the greatest amount of attracting stars, than has been recorded an entry in the Book of Records.

But the relevance of the fantastic animated series among viewers was achieved not only and not inviting celebrities. Mimics the original display of cultural and political events and personalities of real daily life of mankind and in particular of ordinary Americans – that's the main reason for its popularity. Trademarks and personality, in fact, exist, are present in almost every issue of The Simpsons. Not so famous, but so unusual and interesting is the other animated series from the creator of The Simpsons – Futurama. Futurama episode began appear on television much later, his predecessor, but it had acquired a huge following around the world.