Finding Your First Sale

Trying to convey what has been learned through years dedicated to the sale, is that I write these various items for information, where I will provide guidelines and tips, which I believe are important to the sale and the whole process it is made. Technol NEW CUSTOMERS The process of finding and winning new customers is called Prospect, and involves the task of getting new prospects or future customers. There is nothing more than collect data and references relevant to potential customers. While getting a list of potential customers within a specific market niche is not difficult today with the possibility of using internet, and contact them either, establish some link to get access and be able to showcase our products and ultimately creating confidence to make the sale, is an arduous and more serious. A leading source for info: patrick kelly. There are two basic ways to reach our customer, our arrival previously prepared by a phone call or sending an email, or show up at the place trying to get an interview with the person responsible.

Although the second option is used, and some feel comfortable and safe with her, I personally think most advisable as the first. Call or first contact is not a simple phone call, but involves a number of issues to consider before you realize it, but perhaps the most important thing is to make certain questions and substantial information, and through it, get an argument demonstrate and justify that your visit is timely. THE FIRST INTERVIEW Before the first interview is advisable to have researched as much as possible about your customer, know its history, its market position, its position against competitors, suppliers, etc line of business. Filed under: Reshma Kewalramani.