Importance And Management Of Emotions

A worker feels responsible for more than his own work all have emotions, while we remain alive, we traveled along this dimension, are full of energy, which requires knowing how to use, manage to suffer no negative consequences not be aware of them, when some stimulus, the active internal external. If we do not really control, particularly when so negative stimuli, a , may give way to state than to generate sadness, anger, rage, anger, sadness, frustration, can affect us mentally and physically, in addition, that can affect others. It is therefore interesting to know what is the scope of emotion, as they are generated what effect, anything that allows us to manage it properly when expressed and activated the feelings that may generate happy moments as negative.

It is said that the description of emotions as almost all the concepts related to the conduct and human cognition is subject to the assessment from two opposing points of view of course. On the one hand, an idealist explanation is based on the concept of an infinitely complex universe whose complete understanding is only in the hands of a Supreme Being and ideal. At the other end a materialist conception describing universal phenomena, including those that explain the human condition, as a logical consequence of the initial configuration, an elementary and simplified universe, which initially was just full of “desire to create” , or energy. Hence, it is not surprising as Wikipedia says, that the idealistic view emotions as a legacy whose divine origin is not understood by human mind inspired.