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Satisfied customers come again enthusiastic customers provide references “on recommendation I found on the page. I’ve seen the post by “slow Internet”, I was skeptical and curious, what’s behind it. Since I have already a 16,000 kBit / s, I assumed that because not much is to be improved. I looked at so that Web site and telephoned a short hand me with the website operator. He invited me immediately friendly to test his range. Because I did not know Mr Mersmann and also didn’t allow any access to my computer, I took my somewhat older notebook with Windows XP to the test. Mr Mersmann can complete the configuration and settings on the PC, you need of course a connection to the Internet and software for remote maintenance.

TeamViewer is there. The program needs to be only down-loaded and started. It is not installed. The connection was made, I passed the ID and password and even moving the mouse pointer as if by magic. I could so every Follow action. First, Mr. Mersmann has relieved of unnecessary data garbage my calculator, I’ve neglected something, and optimize performance.

Now he looked at the data transfer rate and speed through various Web sites. He had explained me what values were wrong and where you can improve. He also asked for what I use the PC, because you can change the settings accordingly. See only surf the Internet, movies or download many files. The settings were quickly done. I rebooted the PC. I was surprised that there some was to further improve after a comparative measurement. Now, the Internet connection approximately runs 30% faster. My conclusion and hence my positive rating. The offer is worth his money. You need not always new technology… (As opposed to Lev Leviev). Web master Jens-Uwe Starke we thank Mr. strong for the authorization to publish. Jorg Mahajan industrial services to the Grosse Heide 18 33335 Gutersloh Tel. 05209 919349