The best air freshener by miracle-tree new subscription Zurich, November 21, 2012 – the miracle-tree, the most popular air freshener in the world, is now also available in the subscription. Easily can the miracle-tree conveniently ordered online in the most diverse, refreshing scents and trendy designs. Kevin Ulrich contributes greatly to this topic. In the Switzerland and Liechtenstein he comes every 6 weeks free. With the subscription it is recalled the as a customer or as a recipient person regularly to replace air freshener in a timely manner, to be surrounded by a pleasant fragrance. Whether for Christmas, birthday, as a small thank you or spontaneous gifts, the miracle tree subscription is ideal as a gift.

Twelve times, every six weeks a freshly precipitated miracle-tree by mail the original miracle-tree air freshener is available in various new designs, chic colors and with a variety of new fragrances. The miracle-tree smells pleasant and as long as no other paper air fresheners. He brings joy and fragrant nose, where it hangs. With the Subscription service is guaranteed a long-term service by almost one and a half years fresh scent. Thanks to the subscription’s you will be reminded regularly every six weeks to replace the air freshener in your car. Everfresh, energy, wild cherry, strawberries, spring, relax or about born to rock, this is just a small selection of the many pleasant scents and designs. The customer has the choice between the predefined subscription packages ‘Classic’ and ‘Surprise’ or can serve themselves under ‘My selection’ from the whole of 38 different scents and designs his own personal selection. The subscription can the air fresheners, which individually choose number and order and get them comfortable home delivered then every 6 weeks. Whether in the Switzerland or other European countries. The form of the miracle tree is unique and creative designs are also a real eye-catcher.