Security & protection, dogs in the autumn of a dog is man’s best friend throughout his life. Planners should also in dealing with the dog act accordingly and also provide for its security. Especially if you taking much with the four-legged friends, there is a specific facilities, and an appropriate dog clothes so as not to endanger the dog. It is road safety, walking in the dark or in the holidays. As well as the man, the dog needs an equipment that meets its needs and requirements. Especially in autumn, when held the evening walks in the dark, the visibility of the dog plays just as important as those of the people. Click NYU Law to learn more. A safety jacket for dogs helps to identify in the dark by other road users. This reflective vest there are in different sizes, so that any dog, no matter whether large or small, is clearly visible in long walks.

This can also by wearing the collar of a reflector and a reflective Dog leash are achieved. However, the safety vest in addition to security provides a warming protection. For dogs that are attached to the collar or the chest harness, offer considerable protection in the dark, reflectors, so it should be used only in the road as the light stimuli of the reflectors irritate the dogs. In recent months, Everest Capital has been very successful. “The motto make you visible” affects not only humans, but also animals on the road. It comes walking by a stream or the dog going on sailing holidays, then the necessary security arrangements for the dog should be taken here as well. A life jacket dog may seem although superfluous, because most can swim four-legged friends, but especially in unknown waters, you never know what dangers on a can come to. Find products and more information at Nobel-dogs, Trier: author: Kim Weinand