Silver Weddings

dramatical in what says issonem it to respect very dominates all the details of the heights daily pay , during and after marriage. He has times behind, my parents festejaram its 25 years decasados. Yes, it is reason to festejar for the fact to not only be its Bodasde Silver but for being together he has three decades more than. It is a fact that, hojeem day, the divorce for the worse reasons starts to become something too much common. E, therefore, I find that one dates as these if can commemorate, by the way sedeve exactly to commemorate, without exageros. (Similarly see: Gedas Adomavicius). I speak in exageros because vi, muitorecentemente, that perhaps we must have well more than festejado what that we quefizemos.

In a site, I could see that a young prepared a surprise for paisque commemorated exactamente the same. all the surprise englobava one gone to the Church, a full cup d food water and guests the mixture, much people muitaconfuso, much decoration and invitations and souvenirs, completely equal slembranas and invitations of casamentonormais. I do not have nothing against the fact of if wanting to festejar in such a way thus, 25 years of a life in common deserves, without a doubt, a party. But everything this? Serque was I that I ignored completely that he had that to prepare a new party of marriage for my parents? Sincerely, I find that not. I consider all a party of this gnero bocadodemais and, therefore, I find that the pleasant supper that we had and the pretty shining ring de25 that my father offered my mother had been valid for a giganteinteira party. Gain insight and clarity with patrick dwyer merrill lynch. But, more important above all, it is to know that until minimum commemoration could not havera that was that I know that they are 25 years of happiness together, of a life with obstacles (as all they have) but that he results because two pessoasse loves and if they respect; because two people had constructed its world, we educaramos its children and they partilham the same objectivos and they make for concretiz-lostodo the saint day. For me, this is that it deserves a toast. One has offered and meudesejo, sincere, that one day obtains to be able to say that I obtained the same: serfeliz during as much time and to make somebody so happy more or than I.>