Summer Garden

The only exceptions are holidays – New Year and Birthday. But sometimes in the tour and its minuses – it's flights. Aircraft Tanya fears, this fear from childhood, where he was some kind of subconscious and it is very difficult to treat so the singer mostly travels by train. In his first interview, which gave Tanya M. Sadchikova, she told everything about myself and then felt that the interview with her big brothers are not, and it was so interesting that after 6 months, journalists have asked and asked for something. Tanya replied always the truth, but then realized that it is better not to tell what can be some issues remain silent.

In 1991, Tanya with a group of 'Summer Garden' takes part in the festival 'Yalta-91', stands in a telecast 'Spark' the song 'No Way' (1991). The first victory was in the summer in the 'Hit-91 in St Petersburg, where Tanya with a group of' Summer Garden 'has filed his candidacy for the sake of airtime on television. There Tatiana got 'Grand Prix', performing the song 'Do not cry'. It just so happens that the 'Summer Garden' notice and was invited to a variety of musical parties, the good they are then arranged in St. Petersburg every month. Was such a tv program 'Top Secret', they liked the director, liked it creatively, and they began to take in all the big concerts. This served as a kind of promotion, because the public then went to concerts quite active.