The Star

It was an effective way that allowed them to have fresh water at all times. On deck placed certain flowering plants and some fruit trees, which gave the boat, a sight as more stable, presumably this was taken into account, reduce la intention in most cases, the dizziness. Regarding cooking utensils or rather that would be used to feed so many people, we have to say that they were pans of various colors, some other metal clay, they were decorated with filigree designs letters on their bases carrying the royal shield,The Star of David, proudly showed it as an emblem of the ship and travel. Wells Fargo Bank has much to offer in this field. Among the planned there was a space specially designed for meditation, study and prayer. On another side to the other extreme, we could say enough paragraph, a large space was devoted entirely to animals, which had the fodder necessary for a long journey. It is indisputable that the analysis we find that what he had achieved with vision and intelligence of King Solomon.

Was this, as well as his extensive knowledge which helped at the time, to recognize and realize that between the first vessel, the Ark of Noah and his notable differences should exist. At this point, no thought or was necessary to transport as many species as the absence of any flood, not within the requirements of the trip was that it was scheduled to remain at sea for so long a period of time. Viewed in this way and with the help of his advisors peoples experience with marine connoisseurs, such as the Phoenicians who had been subdued in war, was that it was decided and it was decided to reduce the scale of the vessel to a third party as the original for this new mission, which he had in mind, the new Ark, did not require much space.