Traffic Accidents

The seat belt is undoubtedly passive safety element present in the car that has more effective in saving lives off the road accidents. Hence, in most countries their use is, in our day, mandatory for all vehicle occupants. When you place a vehicle collision occurs the so-called "double impact." It is a sequence that takes place first collision between the vehicle and another outside element (another vehicle, a tree, a lamppost or a wall, for example), taking place inside a second impact that caused by inertial motion of the vehicle occupant at time after the accident. Ultimately, the safety belt allows such occupants are tied to the seat, preventing ejection and collide against the carrier or, at worst, break through with his body the windscreen of the car, striking the pavement. Do not wear it, then, could be fatal. And not only with regard to possible health risk, even for the life of the occupants. It could also be in relation to the possible claim for damages resulting from loss of traffic.

The claim for damages when the occupant was not wearing a seat belt The principle of tort liability in force in most countries and fully applicable to cases of road traffic collisions, indicates that when a person acting willfully or negligently causes damage to another, you must repair the damage caused by financial compensation or damages. Hence may be drawn that the head of accident (driving under the influence of alcohol, to skip a stop, for exceeding the speed limit, etc..) Should compensate for damage caused to each and every one of those involved, both personal and material and even moral. However, if in such situation the driver or occupants of vehicle had no responsibility in the incident had not been wearing seat belts could easily be determined with respect to the severity of personal injury or it could have been lower had been wearing belts. Although, in the complaint, the concepts of damage would not be affected, as in any way could affect the carry or not put the belt purely property damage resulting from accidents (eg, the destruction in the car) it would be greatly affected the concept for personal injuries. Not surprisingly, it is estimated that up to half of those killed in traffic accidents were not wearing seat belts, to that extent is vital. In short, your chances of compensation would be seriously damaged by the fact they have not used. Hence it is vital. If only for that, use the belt. Not regret it. Jose Alberto Espina Andria.