Start teaching! Offer free telecasts to create interest about what is going to train or consult. This is an important step because it lets people know you and “sample” their services, while giving you the opportunity to test and modify its contents. 8. Help your first 5-10clientes. Coach a few people in your target market or free trade with them services to start. This will possible to achieve quick success stories of the first. Make a habit of collecting testimonials from each client.

If you are having difficulty getting their clients here is your first clue – focus more on how to “create more value” for customers and less on how to “get” clients “. 9. Develop group programs. Selling open-ended coaching or consulting engagements can be difficult. It is often difficult to get people to see what will come out to work with you. You can overcome this by developing specific programs to close. They are more easy to explain, provide more “tangible” results and are more affordable because there are several participants paid for their time.

These programs can become a “major customer incubator? a place where her biggest assignments and Individual projects will come. 10. Keep’em coming. Once you reach your customers first is easy to get overwhelmed and stop marketing. But you have to maintain start the marketing machine at all times. Most successful coaches and consultants to learn that continuing education based on marketing (marketing, sharing his experience) can get more than enough business and establish the undisputed experts, at the same time. You can also get similar results by writing and publishing articles, developing information products and be invited to speak to groups that appeal to your potential customers. This is obviously only a start guide. But I guarantee that if you follow the 10 simple steps in just six months to a year in which you can also build a successful practice.