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“” “Best of 2012-award of the Initiative Mittelstand for USECON the USECON service customer experience Innovation Lab” (CX Inno lab) 20 of the innovation award-IT was the Initiative Mittelstand in the category in the top consulting “selected and the best of 2012 seal” awarded ( product/1874-customer-experience-innovation-lab.html). Over 100 judges from research and practice have rated the CX Inno lab based on set criteria and came to the conclusion that the CX Inno lab is one of the best IT innovations of SMEs. The customer experience Innovation Lab company offers a four-step process to generate user-centric ideas and innovations. The customer experience Innovation Lab is a tested methodology to generate user-centered innovation and uncover business opportunities. Manfred Tscheligi, Managing Director at USECON (, the Austrian market leader in the field of usability and customer experience, including the Central advantage of the customer experience innovation labs “together: four phases in a short time by the brainstorming lead to a tangible”, evaluated prototypes, allowing thus a rapid implementation and quick market entry. Through the steady integration of customers or users, we can on their needs optimally take and implement them during the process.” The CX Inno lab was already applied in diverse industries and represents an important milestone in innovation management. The four stages of the customer experience innovation labs idea development will be shared ideas with customers and users generated, evaluated from user point of view, as well as selected and recorded the most important market and competition trends. (Similarly see: Wells Fargo Bank).

The most promising ideas are transferred to the advancement to the next stage. Concept & design selected ideas are summarized in first concepts and strategic perspectives and concrete with users. These ideas are an experience defined strategy and success factors of selected or realized in first designs and Visual concepts. Experience Prototyping the best concepts are implemented in experience prototypes. Therefore, the selected ideas become tangible”made and revealed the idea of innovation as well as the unique selling proposition (USP).

This allows a quick decision for the final step. User evaluation the experience be prototypes with the involvement of future users and customers tested and further developed and evaluated the market potential. It aims to minimize the flop rates of new services and products and to give only the best concepts to the final implementation decision. 90% flop rate in service and product development underscores the importance of a user-centered innovation system integration of the customer’s perspective. Generate ideas for new innovations are often too complex and not ascertainable, that’s why we want innovation using our expertise together with users of the box out”to facilitate management decisions”, explains Markus Murtinger, managing consultant at USECON. Through the early involvement of users in all phases of “we succeed, ideas with a high potential of enthusiasm” to find, to select their market potential and to optimize the customer experience. ” The result is a customer experience innovation lab, which brings fresh impetus and high innovation potential, as it lies outside of the daily routine, but close enough to the core business of the respective Contracting Authority is, to implement its objectives and perspectives.

Companies Sales

Companies would not only the solution of a consultant, but expect their implementation to solve your problems in the short term and long term. Sales and profits have increased massively in the long term only with new strategies and fresh ideas. Here, innovation cycles are becoming ever shorter. An external view of a company is often new solutions and ways. However, the biggest challenge for companies is the actual implementation because often lack the resources to successfully implement the change process in the company. Companies would not only the solution of a consultant, but expect their implementation to solve your problems in the short term and long term. Sales expert and entrepreneur Dirk Stocker founded triup to meet exactly these needs and to close the gap in the market related to the expansion of sales. The solution, brought his own affinity for the distribution and the experiences of more than two decades in sales and management, together with the insight into the needs of the market, that allows the customer, solved his problem and implemented successfully the project related to get. The all-round package for the sales: The advice serves merely as a basis for the project. New paths are determined and defined objectives. The focus is on the measurable implementation of the project. Here supports triup advisory or Manager works actively in operations, as interim, on the successful implementation of marketing projects. Sales training and coaching activities ensures at the same time, that the employees integrated in this project are supported and geared to the sustainable success. Our customers know our independence and appreciate our integrity and expertise, the entrepreneur Dirk Stocker reported. Often it is easier to put a project into a company, and to motivate employees to cooperate an external. There is no question more, whether it is today must develop, the question is how fast the implementation will take place.

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