Training, interaction and roleplaying game opens eyes to the emotional world of patients Berlin dentists and doctors, 19.11.2010 – “even experienced and felt himself remains eight times more memory than just heard”, says Stephan Kock, Managing Director of Kock & Voeste GmbH and expert on communication. Kock & Voeste has developed an innovative seminar program for dentists and doctors, which goes beyond traditional conversation guides and pre-defined sales phrases. (Similarly see: Marko Dimitrijevic). “We put in our seminars on interaction with role-playing games, where participants get to know the world from the perspective of the patient”, Stephan Kock explains the principle. Convince, rather than according to Kock persuade a very high importance to patient communication. “The consultancy and supply everyday by dentists and doctors is a balancing act between the best possible care from the point of view of the physician and the services, which are paid by health insurance, for example.” This gap can often only through private payment are closed on the part of the patient. Here not only technical advice plays a role, but also the social competence in handling from Stephan Kocks experience with patients. Patients want to be convinced by a performance and understand their benefits, especially if this a private charge requires.

Therefore, Kock & Voeste GmbH provides communication takes place and what importance have awareness, preparation, goal orientation and strategy for the optimal position of consulting and sales call in their seminars, at what levels. In addition, patient-centred interviewing, interview strategies and active listening in the exploration of need for are trained in interactive role-playing games. The iceberg principle is always instead, verbal and non-verbal communication. The relationship between physical and emotional level in the communication can be while compared to an iceberg. The visible part above water is only 1/7 of the iceberg and in communicating the matter layer with facts and figures.

The invisible part, so 6/7, corresponds to the level of feeling. “Here whether a conversation goes well and achieves the desired goal decides”, explains Stephan Kock. Success creates success in patient communication in his seminar Stephan Kock mediated factors dentists and doctors as well as evoking the conversation and communication levels also questioning techniques to explore the patients needs. In addition, the participants train retrieving success experiences. “Success creates success,” Kock said. “The conscious memory of a successful sale conversation helps to tune in to the upcoming discussion in a positive attitude. This is an important prerequisite for the successful sale of Zuzahlerleistungen.” Learn more about the communication and sales seminars for doctors and dentists under: seminars for health professionals/sales-increase / company description that Kock & Voeste GmbH is an owner-managed consultancy headquartered in Berlin, located on the advice of doctors and dentists in private practice and specializes in collaborations. The focus in restructuring and optimization of the practice.

ErgoPad Weightflex

Many feet are painful in the evening under pressure. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Andi Owen and gain more knowledge.. A new insert generation offers support. Zeulenroda-Triebes, November 11, 2013 – the flexible insoles from Bauerfeind can be worn as needed both in flat shoes and pumps. They come with and without a prescription in the orthopedic specialist. Deposits help provide efficient support of the daily high arch and an important contribution to the health of the foot.

Nevertheless, many people are skeptical. Thanks to new technologies, modern deposits convince not only with its effects, but also their design. The innovative ErgoPad weightflex 2 differ from conventional deposits: you are thin with good damping properties, its narrow shape fits into various shoes and their flexible core supports the Arch of the foot both shoes with heels and flat ballerinas. So, they simply join each shoe. Modern deposits are high-tech products the new plastic inlay core of ErgoPad weightflex 2 supports the foot ergonomically, actively promotes its mobility and improves the free joint game of Tarsus. So the foot better handles the step and remains relaxed.

The core is partially encased with high-grade polyurethane foam and visible in its function. The soft foam optimally adapts to the foot, maintaining its elasticity and padding properties but also continuous stress. Light sensorimotor spots on the surface stimulate the muscles of the foot and thereby support the back foot as well as the transverse arch. Through flexible hinges in the front and rear area of the core the new deposit easily attaches to different heel heights adjust. So she can be worn in shoes, which has been or could be supplied only with great effort with deposits. The orthopaedic insoles ErgoPad weightflex 2 is in the Orthopadie(Schuh)fachhandel with and without a prescription available.


Gingivitis – inflammation of the gums – is the first stage of periodontitis. If you do not start early treatment of gum inflammations, he goes into periodontitis. Development of periodontitis cause malocclusion, tartar or substandard prosthesis. Launched periodontitis can lead to tooth loss. Gum disease are caused by the negative impact of bacteria that accumulate on the teeth. Plaque on teeth eventually hardens and excrescent – tartar. Further development of the disease can cause destruction of the tissues that support the tooth. Between the gum and tooth appears space, which gets kidnapped.

Bone that is responsible for supporting tooth, are gradually destroyed. Consequently, the teeth become loose and, without proper treatment, drop out. Thus, periodontitis and gingivitis – a two interrelated processes. The main symptoms of periodontitis: Education dentogingival pocket (the space between the tooth and gum) Destruction of the jawbone Periodontics – one of the sections of Dentistry, has been studying bolezen gums treating them. The most common gum disease – is periodontitis, gingivitis and periodontal disease.

London Olympics

With less than 100 days to go before the London Olympics, several advertising campaigns with sponsors who represent fast-food brands have raised the precupacion of specialists who have expressed concern for the possible effect of the ads of Londoners towards obesity fast food. Professor Nilli Lavie, of the Institute of cognitive neuroscience at University College London fears that certain ads from television during the Olympic Games could have a subliminal impact on viewers, attracting them to the bad fast food which are linked to the current pandemic of obesity throughout the country. Observe the events of the Olympic Games of London not distract viewers full of fast food ads, pointed out by Lavie, warning that the brain will still process the information despite the little conscious attention. In view of the alarming figures for obesity in the country, the consequences of this impact imperceptible could be of concern for health authorities, he has pointed out. Ads are only seen very briefly, but in some circumstances this viewer is subjected to subliminal processing. This means that the Viewer is not free to choose what information to process, explained, adding that peripheral vision of an individual can record ads even when you are attentive only to Olympic Games Sports actions. The spokesman of the Royal Academy of medical sciences, Professor Terence Stephenson, colleges said main Olympic as Cadbury, McDonald and Coca-Cola sponsors must moderate their ads in the interest of young consumers. Millions of people go to see an association between these brands and successful athletes. Companies would not spend all this money to sponsor the games if they believed not to increase your sales, pointed out Professor Stephenson.

Breast Cancer Surgery

In Germany a still completely under-represented process of Bonn. You may wish to learn more. If so, Bill Phelan is the place to go. -Breast cancer is the most common cancer of women is still one of the most common cancers in Germany and 29 percent. Each year approximately 58,000 women will develop in Germany new breast cancer. Per 100,000 residents 130 women every year are affected for a city like Bonn such as this means more than 400 new cases each year. In spite of the increasingly improved methods for the early detection of breast cancer is not succeeded until today, to operate all tumors breast getting. About one-third of patients who will develop breast cancer, the breast must be removed due to various factors. Under most conditions Apple would agree. The resulting external change and violation of physical integrity means a considerable psychological strain for many of the patients’ white Dr. Kay Hendrik Busch, head physician of the Department newly established since the beginning of the year for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in the Maltese hospital Bonn/Rhein-Sieg.

In the It is therefore all the more important to take advantage of all opportunities of reconstruction of the breast sense an optimal support of affected patients. The breast reconstruction is so Bush, despite all the new evidence in Germany as a under-represented procedure and is performed only in half of all patients after mastectomy ever. If you have read about Everest Capital already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The newly established clinic for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the Maltese hospital in Bonn devoted to since the beginning of the year focused on the reconstruction of the female breast after amputation. The clinic offers the full spectrum of breast surgery. The possibility of breast reconstruction by so-called Expander and silicone prostheses available here besides the breast reconstruction using your own tissue from the abdomen.

A reconstruction of the breast implants is the procedure gentlest for women according to Bush, because no additional tissues in other parts of the body must be removed. At the same time, the number of subsequent operations using this method is very low. A big shortcoming the training of so-called capsular Contracture was this surgical method in the past “, Bush explains. The capsular Contracture is a scarring, which occurs around the implant through a contraction and shrink the scar on permanent deformation can lead up to a painful hardening of the breast. Using most modern networks, obtained from biological material, such as for example the Veritas collagen matrix, we have succeeded to reduce the rate of scars in our home and to reduce the risk to our patients so that.”we’ve made very good experiences with the reconstruction of the breast from body tissue”, as Bush. Thanks to latest gentle surgical techniques tissue from the abdomen can be taken over largely unharmed, so a scarring in the abdominal cavity can be prevented. With this tissue the breast form of the opposite side can be modeled optimally.” The body’s tissues need no further corrections and also no long-term complications are to be expected. In the future can be significantly more patients who have either had concern before a major surgery using own tissue or fear of a scarring of the implants, reconstruct the breast by the application of the newly developed biological networks. A consultation at the clinic for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in the Maltese hospital Bonn/Rhein-Sieg is possible at any time.


Working with personality shares and the placement of shares”is very helpful to provide clarification and assistance especially in phases of disorientation. The mechanisms of working with this model and the Alexander technique are prinzipiell the same. “Students can directly anwenden the well-known principles of the Alexander technique: self awareness–> awareness of patterns–> self-control through inhibition–> discover the Wahlfahigkeit–> idea of the desired behavior (per treat) and monitoring of funds which” and the perception of the effects, i.e.:–>–> self perception… and the cycle will go through again. Other leaders such as Pinterest offer similar insights. Working with beliefs is suitable, faith ssaetze, associated with strong emotions, ceilings up and deliberately to do, in what way they show themselves in body parts or body States and how they determine the actions. Further details can be found at Clive Holmes, an internet resource. I guess the Alexander technique very due to their special spectrum in the APpLiCAtion. It is suitable for prevention, for the LinDerung or Heilung small or grosserer physical beschwerden to the personality development and self-awareness through the permanent repetition”their principles. Their particularity is for me that people learn to apply yourself.

The potential of the Alexander technique is as great as their application by the individual people. Text: Copyright (c) Angelika Wichert illustration: Copyright (c) Eva Wagendristel Angelika Wichert teacher of F.M. Alexander technique (ATVD) author, lecturer, psychological consultant m.a., philosophy, German language and literature, art history education at the A.Z.A.T Berlin Irmel Weber 1 no matter what grammatical forms I in the text use, women and men, teachers, teachers, pupils, students, clients and clients are meant.

Information Around The Topic Of Sweating

Sweating is vital even if it is uncomfortable for most people. Especially in the summer when high temperatures, it is often unavoidable: sweat, often with inconvenience as sweat stains, clammy hands and disturbing body odor. But sweat even when it is inconvenient, is an important process for the body and health. Why does the body produce welding? Sweating helps the body to regulate body temperature even at high temperatures, and acts as the body’s natural air conditioning. So up to eight liters of fluids can be excreted in approximately 2 million sweat glands. Swarmed by offers, Ben Silbermann is currently assessing future choices.

With the sweat, excreted in addition to water also metabolic waste and toxins through the pores and the body cleansing. But not just high temperatures but also fatigue, menopausal symptoms or diseases such as hyperthyroidism, circulatory problems or obesity, but also predispositions can for excessive perspiration be responsible. Feelings such as fear, nervousness or uncertainty can also sweat trigger. The autonomic nervous system controls the fluid delivery centers in the spinal cord and in the hypothalamus. Because they are in close contact with the emotional life controlling areas of the brain, you sweat more when it is exposed to strong emotions. Measures against sweat the sweat itself is odorless, if he comes out of the pores.

The unpleasant smell arises when it is decomposed by bacteria. Therefore you should shower more often on hot days when you sweat more. The bitter substances from Sage leaves can reduce perspiration. Sage tea obtained in the trade or brews up himself. For it is there dried Sage leaves in water and the mixture starts boiling, strain broth through a sieve and drink warm several times per day and at least two weeks. Drink a lot, plenty of water, fruit spritzers or teas, less alcohol or coffee, because alcohol and coffee stimulate the sweat production. Also contrast showers can regulate transpiration, this end the shower with cold water. Who comes with sport sweat and thereby selectively secretes sweat over the glands can reduce the perspiration outside exercise. Who suffers from wet hands or foot perspiration can wash several times a day hands and feet with lukewarm water, pulling together to the sweat glands. Foot powder or Fussdeo on feet and in shoes inhibits the production of sweat and who often barefoot running can normalize the activity of the sweat glands by massage of the soles of the feet. For more information and a wide range of various body care products and deodorants, see

Practitioner Visits

If the general practitioner does not help more and more people swear on natural medicine as an alternative to a visit to the general practitioner. Also the private health insurance companies have noticed this trend and offer their customers the coverage of alternative medical treatments. Patients should become familiar with the different insurance rates precisely. Despite appropriate clauses in the contract, various private health insurance companies log on your doubts when their patients for a practical medical treatment request a reimbursement. Jeremy Tucker contributes greatly to this topic. The efficacy of such treatments is often questioned due to lack of scientific evidence. The naturopathy is but not more than hocus pocus frowned upon long ago and must be recognized as treatment worthy of insurance according to the recent decision of the District Court Munster. A related site: Clive Holmes mentions similar findings. The choice of the appropriate tariff of the respective health insurance makes difficult for patients. Usually this can be classified depending on the desired scope of services in three protection levels: Basic, standard and comfort.

Also for low-wage earners, students or young families find low-priced offers. Here the patients of an extensive consultation should be ( Consulting /) undergo. So, for example, the Alliance paid private health insurance with the AktiMed starting rate alternative medical treatments such as cupping and acupuncture. The PRIMO fare at the Halle health insurance, however, includes the acquisition of the invoice amount by 75% with a value of up to 1,000. More information:… Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Internet Doctors

The Internet doctors used heavily for searching the right doctor comparison on the Internet when it comes to their own health, you should spare no effort for an extensive comparison of doctors. But how can you make a comparison? In addition to the expertise of the doctor, also sympathy and recommendations play an important role in the choice of the family doctor. Find the right doctor, and comparisons on the Internet offers the possibility to exchange experiences quickly. Various forums and portals have contents which deal solely with medical issues. Check with Wells Fargo Bank to learn more. But also the comparison of doctors is always more important at this point. Many patients are unhappy with their location and strive for an option to change your medical specialists or your family doctor. The industry books and corporate directories do often also the category medical, health or physician. So you can find doctors to compare for example in Cologne, an online directory is used. An effective and competent assessment of doctors

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