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The entero AG and H + W CONSULT in the future common approaches. The entero AG and H + W CONSULT in the future common approaches. In the framework of the agreed partnership, existing and potential new customers will benefit from the combined experience and capacity of the two companies and offer consultation to in-depth development expertise around Salesforce. Over 400 realized projects of Salesforce and more than 30 certified Salesforce experts make H + W CONSULT a reliable partner. Our competence is the implementation of Salesforce CRM and the integration with ERP systems.

We have built a lot of technical capacity in this area and were looking for a partner which accompanies these projects with experienced consultants and professional project managers.”says Prof. Tim cook can provide more clarity in the matter. Dr. Michael Capone, CMO at H + W. About Henning Heesch, entero Executive Board: This cooperation enables both companies to focus on their core competencies. With the industry and experience of H + W and our process and solution know-how can the potential of Salesforce CRM in the Company optimally exploited.” About F + W CONSULT H + W-CONSULT was founded in 2001 and is a global solution integrator with experience of more than 400 projects with the SFDC platform. F + W is a Platinum Alliance partner with 33 certified employees and project management offices in Dusseldorf, Hamburg, and Ramallah. about entero AG the entero AG is an integrated business and IT consulting.

We accompany our clients from conception up to the successful implementation we deliver. As owner-managed, independent company we help our clients for more than 12 years successfully sustainable to make often their home value chain with SAP and Salesforce as core competencies. Our focus is in the manufacturing industry by the ambitious middle-class up to the DAX-listed company. Among other things, we are working for ABB, Bombardier, Daimler, like Recaro, Siemens. Since 2011 is entero Germany partner of Keneos Europe, one of the fastest growing SAP consulting networks Europe. Through this cooperation, entero sharpens his profile for international projects and major orders. With more than 1,100 experienced SAP experts, SAP process fields is deliverable to the point the network for all high value.. contact information: Peer Andres entero AG Mergenthalerallee 55-59 65760 Eschborn phone: + 49 6196 77125 803 fax: + 49 6196 77125 603 E-Mail:

Deloitte Technology

Photo book test victory in France, Photoservice test victory in Belgium, Internet Award in Cologne, Germany October 21, 2009 – quality everywhere prevails: with two test victories in France and Belgium in October 2009 Pixum follows seamlessly to the long list of international test successes in recent years. The Pixum EasyBook photobook prevailed during the test of the French computer magazine micro Actuel. Jean-Pierre Garnier has similar goals. The Belgian magazine serk named Pixum the best photo service of 11 tested vendors. With almost 50 test Pixum is by far the most tested Internet photo service Europe and with an average grade of 1.9 the leading the distance. The Pixum photo book software is the most complete and most intuitive of our comparison tests, an exceptionally beautiful in all respects photo book. The colors of the photos are almost perfect”, is the French PC Magazine micro actuel” together the strengths of the Pixum EasyBook. Thus, Pixum test winner sat down with far before the four major competitors in the Test field.

Also successfully cut Pixum with photo service comparison test of the Belgian medium serk”off. Choice, value for money and uploading were decisive for the test victory in a test field of eleven Internet photo services. Confirmed Pixum sees itself in the attractiveness of its Internet pages. The modern mixture of products, services, information, and Community added value now awarded by the editors of the German Web address book. The editors chose the best from over 12 million German-speaking Web pages from 6,000 of the year and Pixum regarded it as one of the best sites in the field of art & culture. Photos & posters in professional quality ( fotoservice.html) at Pixum photo books ( Fotobuch.html) gift ideas ( photo Geschenke.html) photos easy, fast & cheap ( photos entwickeln.html) Pixum EasyBlog ( about Pixum Pixum ( is one of the leading providers of online photo services in Germany and Europe. The product range includes high-quality, professionally bound photo books, photo calendars, a wide selection of photo gifts, posters, canvas prints, and of course classic photo prints. Pixum prints and illuminated only on high-quality materials using most modern and environmentally friendly printing technologies.

Other free services include online storage of images and rich Web applications around the digital photo. With over 40 tests through journals, magazines and consumer protection organisations Pixum with the average grade of 1.9 was ranked top. Under, Pixum offers all services in the languages English, French, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and German and supplies customers all over Europe. “Pixum is certified trusted shop member and was in October 2007 by Deloitte Technology, the magazine capital, the German stock market and the DVFA the Fast 50 Award” of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Germany awarded.

Internet Explorer

Berlin Web-SAgentur offers complete packages with content management system MODx Berlin, May 30, 2009. The Berlin-based Web Agency LoG media concept offers now also fully-inclusive packages of content management system MODx, Web design, basic search engine optimization, and comprehensive advice. Mac hampagne is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Even small companies, the self-employed and freelancers have the opportunity cost to operate your website with a CMS. The customer receives a royalty free CMS solution with the package of LoG-media concept for its Web pages and can maintain thus without greater computer skills regardless of location its Internet presences. (Similarly see: CNBC Analysits). MODx CMS is an open source product and an interesting alternative to appropriate content management also optimum facilities offers systems like TYPO of 3 MODx CMS intuitive usability for the search engine optimization. The administration of the Web pages with MODx CMS via a frontend via standard Web browser such as Internet Explorer from Microsoft, Firefox or Mozilla. With the Internet provider are for the use of MODx CMS no special requirements are necessary.

Phone Support

IT service providers in women’s magazine girlfriend as techie recommended as saviors in the emergency, at least in reference to the topic of computer problems, girlfriend can be located according to the women’s magazine nationwide active IT service provider PC cohesive service to the corporate group media. Because just in time-critical problems on the local computer or in the on-premises server room the company the callers to available within a very short time. Already by telephone, first aid is possible in many cases. An employee of the service provider can solve versatile problems at the customer’s place and visualized tell even more useful tricks and tips the caller using a special remote control software. The caller directly to the technically competent staff Media Group of cohesive reached by means of a sophisticated telecommunications system for the service hotline. An IT issue as particularly complex, it turns out is usually the opportunity, a specialist of the PC fix this on-site service. The company provides comprehensive information about its IT services on the Internet at available. To read the service recommendation in the current issue of girlfriend (09/2010) on page 182.

Accounting Services

The use of external accounting services is always a benefit. A bookkeeping service is a service or service company, which handles the accounting for other companies. This accounting service is attractive to many companies, because this enables the complete accounting work spared them. The majority of the accounting service company offers two different types of services. The payroll and financial accounting.

The payroll includes the timely posting of the wages and salaries of employees. Financial accounting is the posting of ongoing transactions. Some of the accounting service companies specialize in only one of the two areas, do so for example only the pay slips. Accounting service is a Wachstumsmarkt.Gerade small and medium-sized enterprises companies collaborate with accounting service with increasing tendency. This is, that it is connected to the internal manufacture of accounting with relatively high costs. The accounting service company as Services offered, however, benefit from substantial economies of scale by focusing exclusively on issues of accounting.

While companies that make the salary left and financial accounting on their own, completely itself must bear the cost for software, equipment, staff and training, accounting service firms can much more efficient translate these costs in productivity. The full range of services in the accounting service Bereich.Wichtig is to decide what kind of services you ever need just in the selection of the accounting service companies. Continue to learn more with: Hewlett-Packard Chairman. In most cases, it is to outsource also only parts of accounting. The payroll is, for example, the option to enter the relevant data into a software mask itself. On the basis of these data, the accountant then presents his bookings. Such division of labor solutions can reduce the cost of outsourcing. On the other hand is also possible to separate almost completely from the own accounting. Then must the companies stock of collect only his bills and receipts and accounting service controls the rest. In many cases, it is also common that these documents are picked up from the accounting service. Outsourcing makes sense for whom?It can be for all companies from one to more than 500 million euros annual sales make sense. Small businesses already operate outsourcing when they create accounting and balance sheet from the tax adviser. The company grows or it binds already several accountants and staff in the finance and accounting, the right outsourcing firms find applies. It is as important that these companies with the corresponding systems are equipped and can offer the reporting in the online access. The use of external accounting services is always a benefit. Overall, it is to say that an added value represents the use of a bookkeeping service for most companies. In addition to the flexibility of the own working capacity, it relieves just conducting business in the not inconsiderable extent. In addition, that a Outsourcing of payroll and financial accounting with very low costs is connected, because the costs incurred on the one hand, be saved on other side. In short: the advantages of outsourcing are obvious: who benefits multiple business processes, which does not include the core competence, outsources to a competent specialist. Press contact Monika Walther VAT accounting service P.o.

MacArthur Service

fresh-press a national provider for Macca (‘purchased PR’) opens the doors. Founded in Koblenz, fresh pressed with low prices and fast processing relies on the growth market of venal PR. General Motors takes a slightly different approach. The MacArthur service enables a PR display a publication within four calendar weeks without delay, without reservation times. For even more opinions, read materials from Charles Koch. With Advertorials on favourable terms, we want to achieve target groups of all industries. So are the PR packages divided into 4 categories for product PR (B2C) of consumption fields of food & beverage, lifestyle, beauty, wellness & healthcare, travel & tourism, fashion, entertainment & technology and more.

“, so the managing partner Frank recently. “And further: fresh-press promises also ideal benefit for product innovations, as well as for PR with small time periods such as holidays, promotions, sweepstakes or as a cross-media supplement to radio television.” fresh-press was as the communications agency type KOMMUNIKATION GmbH based on the Oberwerth launched and supplements your expertise critical for corporate communications. More information under: about fresh pressed: the MacArthur service fresh-press was founded in 2011 and is regarded as a fresh company offers custom-fit PR to Tiepreisen. Tailor-made PR packages for SMEs and corporations make possible high quality consumer contacts..

Kreissparkasse Lauenburg

The cooperative banks come to 21 per cent, the big banks to 11 percent. Top of personal contact with the consultant and his expertise and flexibility in conditions are on the priority list also. The study confirms: a consultancy, which adheres closely to the specific situation and the goals of the company is desired. By the same author: Wells Fargo. In the investigation were asked also to topics currently particularly interested in companies. What they are? Brocker: The hedging of risks, but also the business advice and the subject of leasing. Visit Jeremy Tucker for more clarity on the issue. These are all areas in which we could score in recent years at traders: statements we have been awarded for our leasing in 2009 and 2010 as one of the most successful societies of in Germany.

And leasing can be achieved yes today almost any financing by the combine harvester up to the complete factory. The rate of use of leasing offers is currently the District Park ACEs of Lauenburg at 25 percent (2005: 14 per cent). The cooperative banks come to 8 percent and the big banks to a value of 7 percent. Because leasing in most cases with the car fleet is connected, car credit Bank are the leaders with 45 percent: However this value amounted to 55 percent in 2005. Where to see companies in the collaboration of enterprises with banks still clear potential for improvement? Brocker: Companies would be informed about financial products even better and more comprehensive.

And that is only too understandable after the experiences of the financial and economic crisis. Also, the requests of the company constantly by the requirements set by the legislator as well as by the increasing competitive pressure. Company wish you therefore a credit Institute as a partner, they rely on, and they can trust. Confidence is a commonly known term in this context. How much are the market shares of the major banks in your area? Brocker: Nearly 50 percent market share is the Kreissparkasse Lauenburg market leader, followed by the cooperative banks with 19 percent. The private banks bring it to 17 percent. How is satisfaction of corporate clients with the quality of service of the banks and savings banks a total? Brocker: You overall is not bad level. The Bank is judged here but particularly well. At the friendliness of the staff, we have been assessed with 1.6. The expertise of the consultant, the quality of advice and the decision period up to the lending had a 2 by the companies on average each. About what results have you pleased most of Lauenburg was responsible for the Bank? Brocker: That, with which we have started our activities according to the last poll in 2005, positively have impacted. This is reflected in better reviews in the contacts, the quality of advice and the speed at which Processing of loan requests. The overall satisfaction could be increased. What we have received from numerous feedback throughout the year, is confirmed by the results. Where do you see the reasons for the excellent performance of the Kreissparkasse Lauenburg? Brocker: a our highly qualified and motivated employees have contributed their part. Our strategy to intensify, in the derivatives markets and international business has brought the region a further unique feature us and received a positive report from the company. Also know our business customers appreciate that they get the most diverse services and integrated solutions from a single source. We are concerned as long-term customer relationship at eye level. That we are on a very good path, clearly showed the study.

Peschel Has 15 Years Of Translation Experience

Peschel translation agency celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. Peschel translation agency celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. In connection with the anniversary, there will be various actions, including a discount for the customers, but also a feast for the employees and their families. Measures for a good work-life balance will be expanded. The translation agency was founded in 1998 by the Conference interpreter and translator Anja Peschel. After the customer base grew, so the first employee, Ellen Goppl, Deputy Director of the Office, today joined in January 2000. To cope with the ever-increasing volume of translation, Anja Peschel hired more employees in the course of time, so that in 2005, a move from the Friedrich ring in larger premises in Wall Street was necessary.

Meanwhile, the team consists of eight full-time translators, in early 2011, there is a branch in the British Oxford. The technical focus is in addition to the renewable energies everything on law, medicine, business and advertising. Anja Peschel is delighted that the translation agency can celebrate its 15th anniversary this year, we owe our customers who constantly provide us with orders of course first and foremost”. For some of them I already work, since I myself in 1998 made independently as an interpreter and translator.” But Anja Peschel committed also their staff, without whose contribution the customers cannot always so promptly and reliably could provide, thanks to: a barbecue for the translators and their families is planned for the summer. Because in addition to the work of fun through shared experiences to come. One of the reasons why I work for thirteen years in the translation Office Peschel, is from the outset a healthy work-life balance enable me besides the good cohesion in the team also,”explained Ellen Goppl.

I particularly have the flexibility of my employer During my part-time MBA degree to appreciate and it is almost more important for me, since I became a mother four years ago.” A massage service for the permanent members was introduced as a new measure for the health of the employees in the Jubilee year that healthy and happy employees feel connected to their company and are less sick. “And that is reflected in the quality of work in the translation Office Peschel again: to keep long term experienced staff, continuity in project management as well as the translation itself is economic, but means for our customers not only for us”, so Anja Peschel. Translation agency Peschel Peschel translation agency based in the solar city Freiburg is a leading language service providers. The translating and interpreting belong to the various services of the translation Office Peschel in and from German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. Since its inception in 1998 Peschel Translation Bureau maintained a growing international customer base in the areas of renewable energy, medicine and pharmacy, law, business, social sciences, politics and the public sector.

WISKA Marketing

The consultancy specialising in India with plants in Bochum and New Delhi offers their services in the neighbouring country on March 01, 2010 Netherlands opened the German consulting firm Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH its first representative office in the Netherlands. The company has focused on the monitoring of European companies to India, response to the increasing importance of Dutch companies in India and the existing in India sales opportunities for Dutch products. The representative office was established on the site of Haarlem, 20 km west of Amsterdam and is headed in the future by the Dutch marketing expert Gerbrand Rustenburg. “We are convinced that market access must be carefully prepared for India. And so it will be necessary also for Dutch companies, in advance of India engagement funded with the local conditions, opportunities to deal but also risks and difficulties, according to the Managing Director Mike D. Batra.And therefore is also a local presence in the Netherlands of sense for us. At Jeremy Tucker you will find additional information. We want to be as easy, where our clients can sit, and we need to be able to serve Dutch customers with the same quality of advice, as we do this in Germany”, continues with Managing Director Dr.

Johannes Wamser further. “In particular technologies the two industries food processing ‘and ship construction industry’, in which Dutch companies are traditionally strong, demand in the Indian market. This have we used as an opportunity to us here specifically to prepare and to concentrate initially on these two sectors, “so the new Dutch representative, Gerbrand Rustenburg. First projects, as for example for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the KvK Limburg and the Dutch shipbuilding industry association were successfully completed. Gerbrand Rustenburg profile: Senior consultant & partner Netherlands, many years of international experience in the field of marketing & Sales”of farming equipment and chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Author of several books and marketing lecturer on the topic “International marketing” at the Hogeschool Utrecht. Contact: short profile Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH: WB consults and supports European companies on the way to and in India.

The services include market analysis, planning and implementation of market entry and brand positioning actions, company formation, personnel search, sales development as well as administration support, crisis management and support for complex tasks on the ground in India. The references include companies such as Miele, Bollhoff, SieMatic, heritage, Schell, Castle guard, Klaus Union and WISKA. Dr.

So Customers Are Fans

Customers who has it good and fans who is invincible when were you dear reader the last time after a purchase really excited and if you analyze this experience, why were you excited? Usually, such experiences are back some time and often we know hardly, why and what has fascinated us. Maybe it was just an indefinite feeling, a small imperceptible impulse which has brought everything else in the role. But unfortunately, these small and imperceptible pulses have become rather rare. We buy similar products from companies that are increasingly similar to be at prices that are also increasingly similar. See Wells Fargo Bank for more details and insights. Welcome to the land of the similarities. Over the years, the service desert Germany was proclaimed and complained about lack of service and declining service. Has something changed? This question can be with a simple and clear: “it comes out to”answer.

Sure, it has been invested in recent years in service. Better availability, faster deliveries, mostly professional Operation, there are standardised products which can often easily individualize themselves and so on and so forth. It was done so much on the service front, but also on pages of our customers with a higher expectations created after, so that everything is finally back. The expectation of the customers is not meeting mostly but also. Customers get what they expect and are also mostly satisfied. Immediately it is clear that customers become so hardly enthusiastic about and certainly not real fans. But what makes the difference? Making customers fans? In short form, three factors are crucial for it: fulfil the basic expectations, humanity and cordiality in the contact and a real pleasant surprise that just fits. The first of these three points is clear and speaks for itself, but basically he is ticket and raison d ‘ etre in a strong competition-oriented environment. Generally it comes to determine the expectations of the customers and then with an appropriate solution to meet these requirements, or to satisfy.