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Write this article I pushed the communication with my clients, and view price tags offices. I must say – the prices sky-high (from 1.500 ), by functional at the level of free joomly or worse, design decisions are also not shine. Tell me what I should give them the money?? And it found that pay. Okay, that’s their business. Approach to this topic is very practical. And as always start with clear questions. So there you go. Question 1. Why? Occasionally treated people. Make a website. We want the site. Why do not know. Just friends, acquaintances there, and we still do not have. Why do you need a website, my friend? You got offline so good, the sales are. To be like everyone else? Ha ha. Herd instinct. Excellent. It’s like buy a brand new BMW, put in a garage and Pontius to himself or friends what a cool machine I have in the garage worth it. And it did not go. Returning to the question – why need a website. Response options to choose from: to talk about products, tell about the services, to amuse, to give educational information or information that enhances the possibility of the reader and so on. (Source: Clive Holmes). The sea of different choices. Question 2. After the question ‘why?’. For whom? Well, why should you need a site that we have to himself clearly understood. The purpose is. We are looking for solutions. Possible options are: for customers, for partners / resellers for beginners to pros, etc. Clarify to whom site, only then undertake the task. And it turns out – neither fish nor fowl. By the way, All baalshih and expensive studios such an approach to business. Only form they have longer. By the way about the questionnaires. A very useful thing in every way:) And finally, question number 3. That offer useful site audience? I am convinced that the site should be something useful. For example, for someone who wants to get this or that service, you just need to know all the nuances, or almost all of them. This immediately increase the credibility of the source, and consequence to the firm, as well as shorten the time for stories to customers about all that long ago you can put on the site. While on the phone will still have to chew, but that site has been created – for the Internet audience:) Here are 3 questions. If I will answer them clearly – in the bag. The site will slaughter. Ksati a bit of clarity. The clearer the purpose, the more certain outcome. Saw two hundred times.


The word blog is short for weblog and is initially just been an internet diary. In early weblogs were Griekenland as in the non-virtual diary entries made daily. What was initially a hobby for supposedly extroverted Internet users, developed in the last four years to a true mass phenomenon. Tom Smith helps readers to cheap nfl jerseys shop explore varied viewpoints. In contrast to the diaries of the brick-and-Motar world the latest entries have always placed forward so that the reader always has the latest review on the screen. Quoted a blogger to another blog post, it appears there is usually a cheap jerseys trackback. This practically a footnote from the future is set in the past.

Readers of the original postings be made aware of postings in other blogs, which later were made on the timeline. Wells Fargo Bank addresses the importance of the matter here. In recent years, the private letters of online diaries has shifted more to a semi-professional to professional writing. Many companies offer corporate blogs, to bind the customers themselves. About the comment function is even a Discussion with readers and customers possible. Meanwhile, we are close to the situation that custom jerseys is out of the blogging is a true mass oakley outlet phenomenon.

Easy to use blog software like WordPress favors this trend. Most blog software platforms enable the creation of user accounts for co-authors, so that from a single-author blog, a blog can be open, work on the various authors. In this way, therefore, arise and small communities. If these “communities” for example based on WordPress set up, this has the advantage that Cheap Jerseys the costs can be kept extremely small. Another advantage of blogs is that they are ranked by search engines, some surprisingly good.

Internet Corporation

Many people who have never had to deal with the creation of sites and the registration of their names, do not know what a domain name and domain name, what are the domains and to whom they really belong. Domain name domain name is an sequence of words that users type in the address bar of your browser to visit your site, but that is not a valid address of your site on the web. Domain names are attached to the system server Domain Naming (DNS), which are used to translate numeric addresses (known as ip, or Internet Protocol, addresses) into words. Every site you visit on the web, but his name has a numeric ip address, which is the real address of the site on the Internet. Traditionally, domain names are classified according to their extensions, which are the identifying codes of domain names. The three most popular types of domains Higher Level (TLDs) v is the domains that are not tied to any country:. COM: Short for. Commercial, which means commercial.

Domain names with the. Com by far the most popular names of the other and can be purchased by any individual or company. . NET: Short for. Network, which translates to a network. Originally, this domain extension was created for technical Web sites. However, domains using this extension can be registered by anyone.

. ORG: Short for. Organization, which means organization. This name was intended for non-profit organizations and other organizations that do not expand. Com or. Net. Currently, the domain name extension. Org may be registered by any individual or kompaniey.Domeny countries Domain names can be assigned using country-specific extensions. Each country has its own domain extension; Russia, for example, uses an extension. ru, the former Soviet Union – su, and Ukraine -. ua, Moldova -. md. Most countries have rules, where exactly is described, who can register domain names using this extension and for what purpose, and therefore it is important to study the subject before you do anything. Alternative domain names of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the organization responsible for administering the top-level domains throughout the earth ball, recently approved several new extensions that are not assigned to any particular country. Among them:. Areo. Biz. Coop. Info. Museum. Name. extension was created for a particular purpose and has certain limitations. Although expansion. com,. net and. org is usually on everyone's lips and mind, this is not the only expansion available for use. From a functional point of view of domains of work just as well as any top-level domain, and alternative the extension works just as well. Therefore, it is not necessary to use a mediocre tld when you can find the best with another extension.


It's safe to say that JobFight – is a special browser games. This is evident at first glance. The game is completely Brand free and funded entirely from advertising revenue. What's in this deal? The fact that the game is not aggressive forms of advertising such as Layer and Popups. And the usual banner ads and there was no place here. Partners JobFight advertising only betting nProduct Placement. Gaming weekdays JobFight is a virtual work in an imaginary company 'JobFight Unlimited', the main activities which are marketing and logistics.

In this case, promotional products are simply incorporated into the daily life of a game company in the form of office equipment needed to "work" virtual attributes and accessories common in everyday life companies the real world. For example, the Bank of the beverage on the table, a variety of office and stationery supplies from different manufacturers. Or simply go to desktop magazine is advertised on the publisher. In addition to this regular incoming faxes with questions from advertisers In jordan retro 1 general, these forms and types of advertising perfectly in a game atmosphere Cheap Jordan Shoes and work jordans for cheap a marketing firm. This is cheap fake oakleys fully consistent with the experience of professional In-Game Advertising, in which the presentation of real products in games positively evaluated participants of the game. Employees 'JobFight Unlimited' receiving different daily assignments, successful completion of which leads to the accumulation of game points. This occurs in the form of small cheap jordans online flash games. When it comes to sending e-mail packages, the "duty" employee includes, for example, putting in appropriate place on the parcel postage printing.

Internet Mission:

One of the most effective business – tools is the corporate site. He is playing an increasing role in the integration of domestic and foreign public organizations. The target audience of corporate site are few and defined as a group of consumers, radically ready for contacts with the firm. At the same time within a given chain performance "knowledge – attitude – behavior," this group includes two segments: Targeted Visitors (knowledgeable about the product, service, company); casual visitors (not previously informed about the firm, but ready to cooperate with it). Objectives of the project, in this case are defined as follows: 1. Impact on installation target audience for the formation of belief in the need of cooperation. 2. Raising general awareness of the company.

Why the need for a corporate site to stay on the Internet on the corporate website has several advantages compared with corporate publications or leaflets, telling wholesale nfl jerseys about the organization: the availability (lack of physical access restrictions, since the site can get anyone from anywhere in the world where have access to the network), the ability to accommodate large volumes of information (the amount provided on the website information is limited to only selected traffic), user involvement in the emotional environment. The web site is exactly an organizational form in which form a web community, where the user is involved in emotional and informational environment, opportunity to obtain qualitative and quantitative data on NFL Jerseys Cheap site visitors (using such means as registration forms, surveys, questionnaires, counters, you can retrieve data about specific individuals, to ascertain the needs, preferences, interests, and draw a "portrait" of the visitor, and also to obtain quantitative information). Corporate site becomes the primary means of intra-formal communication and informal communication staff. The main task of corporate policy becomes a purposeful use of the tool cheap jerseys wholesale for the formation and development of organizational Wholesale nfl Jerseys culture, corresponding to the parameter "effective AUDIT for the organization." Corporate website is an effective tool: promoting the organization of the market, communication with partners and representatives of the target audience, the formation of the company's image, information storage (databases, etc.), the integration of all structures and units organization, interaction between employees. The success of any company, along with other factors, depends on its image. The presence of a corporate site indicates the stability of the company and the estimates for the future. Structure corporate site's standard information blocks typical project: the history of the organization; appeal to the visitors a first-person organization, the profile of activities, services or products of the organization; news from the life organization, official press releases, media publications about the organization, announcements of activities of the organization, frequently asked questions and their answers, the conference for visitors; questions to the representatives (managers) organization; (Page communication network); feedback. Additional Resources: structure and leadership of the organization; video; annual reports and financial performance of the organization; ratings and polls. In Oakleys Outlet order to increase traffic to the website address of the website is included in all information and advertising and marketing materials organization, including business cards of employees.

Potential Clients

In order to carry out to this first I recommend you step that Cheap Ray Bans you respond to the following questions: They are my clients O-Men Women? My clients work outside or within House? That age average has my clients? Of which country or countries is my Potential Clients? Is capacez they to pay by my Products or Services? Employ they long time in Internet? Once you have answers to these questions, I am certainly already tendras an image of towards where you must direct all efforts. With these simple questions already you will have defined the Type of Clients who you need. Step 2 Selecciona your Sources. This step is exactly on choosing as cheap nfl jerseys shop they are the traffic sources that you are going to choose to begin your strategy of marketing. Learn more about this topic with the вегас insights from JPMorgan Chase. That is, where you go to publish your articles, that Web sites you are going to use to buy Traffic, that social networks you go to use for socializarte, that blogs or Web sites you are going to follow and to leave commentaries constantly. That other platforms you are going to use to create but blogs and I connect entrants, whichever incoming connections to the month these ray ban sunglasses sale arranged to obtain. But the important thing in this step that you make a good investigation of all the resources possible to make Publicity, or Is paid or Free.

A leaf of Calculation in Excel elaborates where you are going to insert all the Web sites that you consider important to make publicity and to obtain traffic Web. In this page you will put all the statistics of expenses and conversion. It is as well as you will be able to evaluate to determine with exactitude that works and that no. 3 Step Estimated. Many people think that this she would have to be the first step, that is to say to secure a budget and soon to develop a Plan of marketing cheap MLB Jerseys by Internet.

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Twitter – this is a very interesting phenomenon on the Internet. Will not original, if we assume that the popularity he quickly overtake ICQ, LiveJournal and other well-known services. Recognize the scale of the phenomenon and to give him an assessment we have yet, but now everything is clear: we witnessed the birth of the epochal events, which managed to conquer the English-speaking part of the Internet and is currently conquering the Russian-speaking. A powerful impetus to the development in runet Twitter received in the same when once again 'flew' ICQ. Angry users rushed to find a replacement this popular service … and stumbled on Twitter – although this is not a replacement for Internet instant messaging, and an independent platform microblogging.

Minute to register – and you are the owner of a mini-blog where replica oakleys to speak, you give a total of 140 marks. Create a free account on Twitter practically means that you soon oakley womens sunglasses will, at least some tens or hundreds of man-'fOlloverov By '(ie friends, if we use the terminology of LJ). The most active audience will get a thousand people. Briefly I would say that it good. 1. In fact, the brevity.

High information saturation in minimal time. 2. No one is estimates. There is a multilateral dialogue in its purest form. cheap Air Jordans 3. Friendliness. Liked to make friends with a man ('Follow') is very easy. If not built communication with someone, you're Wholesale nfl Jerseys just depriving yourself of his society, without resentment. 4. Democracy. There were no age-orientation, nor the separation of social status. Will feel comfortable with everything. 5. In Twittere not make money. It area enthusiasts. Although, over time, everything is possible. 6. Habituation is a couple of days. Usage is straightforward. Press the button under the avatar Follow your favorite people. Sooner or later, come to Twitter representatives of users of all generations – and you're already there! Read this post. My tweets:. I cheap oakleys will be glad to see you!


On the Internet you can find many examples of the construction of trees in different bundles of php and MySQL, will not discuss the quality of assigned tasks. There is a saying – "How to understand the code of another person, it is better to write itself. So I decided to write the code, but used entirely for the construction and grading of the tree only means of MySQL. Immediately make a reservation in the presented cheap football jerseys version of the tree of three levels, without claim of its uniqueness. We describe the situation: There is a table of categories, containing the following fields: id (code) id_group (code top group) name (name) must be using a query to build a sorted table that contains the source table and field such as: level (level) veight (weight, number of nodes or cheap oakleys leaves subordinates current site, will be wholesale football jerseys china used to display the tree) to sort it took us more and more fields: top_group (site code first) sub_group (site code of the second level) and the expanded query tree sorted by name: select, t_top.id_group,, t_top.level, if (t_top.level = 1,, if (t_top.level = 2, t_top.id_group, (SELECT c_. id_group from categories c_ where c_. id = t_top.id_group))) as top_group, if (t_top.level = 1, 0, if (t_top.level = 2,, t_top.id_group)) as sub_group, (select count (*) from categories where id_group = as veight From / * In this section, just get the levels & * / (select, c.id_group,, 1 as level from categories Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses c where c.id_group = 0 union all select, cc.id_group,, two as level from categories cc where cc.id_group in (select from categories c where c.id_group = 0 order by union all select, ccc.id_group,, three as level from categories ccc where not in (select from categories c where c.id_group = 0 order by and not in (select from categories cc where cc.id_group in (select from categories c where c.id_group = 0 order by wholesale nfl jerseys t_top order by top_group, sub_group, level, name for the construction of the collapsed tree, for some sites will not be difficult to insert several conditions.

POP Protocol

With cheap fake oakleys the help of a special program you are preparing a letter and put it in a folder for outgoing messages. So you may prepare any number of letters. After that you connect to Post Office, which is located on a computer service provider, Internet, and exchanging email. You send your letter prepared and came to get your e mail it to a folder for incoming mail, is located on your computer. Then you look at who came to the mail.

If you would like to respond to any letter, then prepare a response and put it in the outbox folder. Transfer letters from the post office jordans for cheap on the Internet is carried out without your involvement. However, remember that letter, after all, gets to the recipient's post office, and if the recipient was able to get it, he needs to connect to your post office. It should be noted that sending and receiving mail – a completely different actions performed on the basis of different protocols. 기대출과다자추가대출 To send e-mail messages Cheap Jerseys using the protocol SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and for ray ban outlet the reception of received mail protocol used POP3 – Post Office Protocol (Protocol Post Office). Recently, for the receipt of mail is sometimes used more sophisticated protocol IMAP. This protocol allows manage a mailbox on the ISP server, so you do not have to rewrite all received messages on their computer. E-mail cheap oakleys can also be implemented using another service Internet – WWW, which is gradually becoming the most popular service.

Electronic Journals

Today I introduce you to the fact why there is an electronic journal, and what it is. You've probably already seen so many successful business people as free to your product or service, offer to subscribe either on the mailing list or on the release of discount oakley their e-zine. And rightly so, because Data this marketing course, leads to remarkable results, and you can apply it in their business. Although the electronic journal has broader concept and purpose. So what is an electronic journal? jordans for cheap Electronic Journal – a site that is posted periodically updated information Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses on certain subjects.

Just e-zine can be made in pdf – format or is made in the form of an html document, which is compiled into exe – format. At the moment, many periodicals, trying not to lose the position in online advertising, and so are cheap China Jerseys the creation of electronic versions of their edition, its promotion among its subscribers. Due to the fact that periodicals have staff, permanent advertisers and other personnel costs for the creation and promotion of electronic journal in this case is much less than the cost of creating a magazine from scratch. Electronic journal has many advantages over conventional printed magazine: In the first place, perhaps most importantly, himself a magazine and placed it information may be available to any interested user to the network, anywhere in the world. In this case, must comply with one condition, that the reader or subscriber Cheap Jordans of this electronic publication has the ability to access the Internet.