Spanish Franchisers Association

<img vspace=10 hspace=10 border=0 src="" oakley sunglasses for men align=”left” style=”margin-right:5px” />The Spanish franchisers Association (AEF) is one more year in Franquiatlantico. The appointment, which will be held from 19 to 20 February at the Hotel Hesperia A Coruna, will serve to establish a business platform for Exchange of information and trade expansion between the collaborating franchises. Attend trade shows as Franquiatlantico supposed to bet on the future of the franchise. And is there we are both companies, institutions and leaders of the sector where there are great business opportunities, as people who come to providing an added value to the practice of our profession such and resumeXavier Vallhonrat, President of the Association. Furthermore noted that the AEF is part active of this fair to bring the technical direction of the Forum cheap nfl jerseys of the franchise & the entrepreneur where topical issues such as Corporate Social responsibility in cheap jordans for sale the world of franchising and the benefits it brings to it will be touching. Due to the great Cheap Jerseys interest that this topic is waking up in recent years by the sector of the franchise we wanted to hold a debate on the benefits of using this tool in our professional activity, concludes Vallhonrat.

On the Spanish Association of franchisors the Spanish Association of franchisors (AEF) was founded 16 years ago and is now composed of 191 Members, whose turnover represents 65% of the business volume generated by the franchise system in Spain. The AEF objectives Financement are the represent and protect the interests of the franchise in our country, as well as make interlocutor before the Administration and make it known in other markets, through its presence in various fairs of international franchises.

Bolivarian Association

Since the nationalization has been discussed and battled to decide if a portion of that income, is circulated to the company that extracts it. This, thanks to its efficient organization and superior knowledge, gained much independence from the State shareholder and became a new distribution center. In 2003 the State controlled oakley outlet company at the cost of reducing its efficiency. Over time you can that you emancipated again. It is a tendency of the management of all large enterprise.In practice, the administration of all our Governments has been sharing the same oil revenues and taxes to private national work, whose maintenance, depends largely on the ability to import and direct and indirect subsidies generated by that income. This has given an extraordinary power to the Government and great intensity to the fight to enter on it (and before), PDVSA i.e. to enter the highest possible in the pyramid of deliverymen. Meanwhile the Venezuelan economist and founding member of the Bolivarian Association of will socialist economy (Abes), Alfonso Alvarez, expresses, to review any of the indicators of the national economy, you can verify ray ban sunglasses sale the arguments that make up the discourse of adverse to government employers have no basis and suggests that the sole purpose of these false matrices of opinion on economic matters is to create an environment conducive to gestate Cheap Jordans a coup.

In this sense, the Economist stressed that when indicators are reviewed, we can see, for example, that the unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the world, Cheap Ray Bans something which means that we are reaching full employment. You can Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys verify that the unemployment rate is seven percentage points, making it one of the lowest in the world at this time, despite the global financial crisis, said Alvarez. Also, noted economist that another feature that shows the strength of the financial development of the country, has to do with the display of the minimum wage, which is the highest in Latin America.

Latin American

They are the 6 in the morning, we got up, we aseamos us, breakfast and we are about to go out and sell what you have to sell. Is the product of the business of others or our own, if not we have customers (especially at the beginning), we make nfl jerseys shop use of telephone directories (white and yellow pages), we seek specialized directories, we try to remove citations to present our product, if we succeed in any appointment, we move to the время place of the customer, throwback jerseys we do often a prelude to waiting an hour, enter the client’s Office, we expose sometimes Fake Ray Bans sell something sometimes nothing. Another way is that if our possible market is very large, but no one has contacted us, we play door-to-door, in 99% of times we reject, in the remaining 1% we perhaps can be received and in that 1% maybe achieve 10% of sales. So day after day, he moves through life, we become old and when we realize life us starts to take its toll of intense efforts, and come diseases, disagreements family, divorce, rebellious children by not devote time, etc etc etc.

This situation that makes us see that life is very hard, called the MLM gurus are trying to appear as the saviors of our lives and without realizing fall many times in its networks, in Latin American countries where family economies cannot afford to buy the majority of the products nfl jerseys cheap offered multilevel because their prices are inflated or overpriced (for being able to pay all the MLM sub-niveles) While noting that often are scams, or semitruncos efforts (i.e. followers of MLM, most of the time, they don’t have the same effort we would). If we see this as a labour nightmare what can be output oakley sunglasses cheap to make our lives less black than shown?. The answer may I offer it as a contribution to the Latin American world.. .

Emotional Work

In the Colombian companies has come to Oakleys Outlet establish a nfl jerseys china terrifying paradigm affecting the motivation of human talent: productivity, productivity and more productivity. So dear friends, only we are pursuing quantitative results leaving aside the qualitative; This situation, which, in latest degenerates the emotional state of the workers in our companies and implies that you’re thinking about figures and goals forced rather than a holistic harmony in work. Under this context we must recognize that in the cheap football jerseys market, there are professionals and Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys experts in management are beginning to recognize a clearly modern aspect of work, especially in the services business: the emotional work. There has been on him for a long time, but we are just beginning to understand it as a kind of work different from productive work.

The emotional work is a kind of work in which the feelings of employees are the tool of his profession. The feeling is somehow a part of the performance of the work; But how to explain when an employee She is happy and their productivity is directly proportional to its state of mood and vice versa. The Haven work of human talent that have relevance to the service, and in particular the work of direct contact with customers, may imply a degree relatively high emotional work. A person who handles complaints from customers throughout the day, for example, treats a number of altered people and few are those who appear happy and what is worse still, rarely has any customers he stops to wish you a good day. Works Baratas Ray Ban like the waiter, employee counter or grocery store, auxiliary of flight, lawyer, receptionist and security guard among others, have a pretty strong dose of emotional effort, including work of contact with the public who will develop positively involve emotional work. The mere fact interact with another human being, even by phone, induces some amount of stress.

Director People

-The investment is minimal, a lot lower that in any traditional business. -Have presence, and your own business on Wholesale NFL Jerseys the internet without the need for prior knowledge. -Flexible schedules, nobody inpone you cheap nfl jerseys a schedule, no sign, no one controls you, there are no pressures – in your business your you are the boss, and you can create your own business network on the internet. -Total Compativilidad with family life. -On the Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys internet there are millions of people as potential customers, therefore the chances of succeeding are soaring.

-Be able to have your own website on autopilot working 24 h/7days/365days a year, when you sleep, etc. – having people like you working for you, generandote residual income every month of lifetime. -Grow your business to make them work for it and you provide fake oakleys more benefits with the passage of time. -To have thousands of people affiliated to your network, growing esponencialmente, and thereby income increase every passing month. -Belong to a franchise seated in the market, reliable, that you pay every month religiously. Disadvantages – There is an economic risk however small that is If the project fails.

-Sit sometimes in solitude and not know which road to take, unless a you to some group already operating. -In this case the franchises can be an excellent alternative. -Having to perform all kinds of activities of management, advertising, web design, learning, training, new personal relationships, etc. – do not know how manage you working time. -Work more hours than it should, now that you are at home, therefore not know when stop. In short Хорватия we must logically work, that is, not by being at home and having your own business will do cheap nfl jerseys only the work; and it is going to rain from the sky money; at least at the beginning until you grow enough as to not require your direct help. Then you can relax a little and you can enjoy what you’ve always wanted to do, since the business will be working for you on autopilot. And your business, once established, will be growing day to day, and thus your revenues, and thus be able to give you more than one whim. All beginnings are hard and difficult that doubt cabe, but if you have interest, perseverance, dedication and perseverance, no doubt the results will soon arrive and with them rewarded it the effort as usual should be done in all enprendimiento at the beginning.

I Congress International Quality Tourist More Than Four Hundred Professionals Are Give Appointment In Santander

More than four hundred professionals gather at the I International Congress on quality tourism which takes place in Santander to discuss the Debt importance of quality in the tourism sector and its impact on consumption. The President of ray ban sunglasses the Government of Cantabria, Miguel Angel Revilla, has inaugurated this morning this event accompanied by the Mayor of Santander, Inigo de la Serna; of the Secretary General of tourism of the Government of Spain, Joan Mesquida; the President of the ICTE, Mirones Miguel and the Minister for culture, tourism and sport of the Government of Cantabria, Francisco Javier Lopez Marcano. During his speech, the President of Cantabria has shown its appreciation and pride for the celebration of this international forum in Santander, adding that quality in this sector is the future. For its part, the General Secretary of tourism has pointed out, during the inaugural conference of this first Congress, the relevant function of ICTE in the whole sector, as cheap oakleys well as the momentum of the Institute when developing this I International Congress on quality Tourist, whose findings marked the guidelines to be followed by those countries that wish to join this initiative of which cheap nba jerseys Spain is a pioneer for more than 10 years. Likewise transmitted that the holding of this first Congress, is the first step to consolidate it as the major international forum for quality tourism in the world. The Secretary expressed the commitment of the General Secretariat of tourism in the continued support of the Q mark for quality, as well as its internationalization, consolidating the investment already made.

Michael Mirones, President of ICTE, who did an exhaustive review of the Institute’s activity, coincided in pointing out that at the end of this Congress may draw conclusions for the future of the sector and of the quality tourism. The main objectives of this first International Congress will be among others to share experiences, knowledge, values and fundamental principles of the sector and other sectors that will be also present, as well as promote the brand Q’s Tourist quality, all the parties directly and indirectly involved, of all agencies, institutions, companies and entities national tourist and international. The international meeting is entirely sponsored by the General Secretariat of tourism, the Ministry of culture, tourism and sport of the Government of Cantabria, and the Town Hall of Santander. This first international forum for quality tourism brings to the city of Santander personalities of first level, both nationally and internationally: the Secretary General of tourism, the Minister of tourism of Colombia, the Secretariat of tourism of Argentina, Presidents of national and international tourist business organizations, mayors, Councillors, businessmen, diplomats and technicians of the Administration, who will debate these days about the importance of quality in enterprises and tourist destinationsas well as expectations for the wholesale nfl jerseys future of a fully Cheap Jordans consolidated system. During the days leading up to this International Congress I have been developed a series of national and international workshops, where experts from around the world are working on the future ISO standards for tourism.

The Management Venezuelan Faces New Challenges And Changes

Carlos Sale Mora Vanegas characteristics of the current Venezuelan scenario shows signs of turbulence, instability, inflation, threats, opportunities challenges, changes that requieen of a proactive management, strategist, able to express plans who can interpret their behaviour, and of step actions that favor him in their performance. Venezuela is facing a government management aimed to what has been termed socialism of the 21st century and this has significantly affected the behavior organizational of many enterprises, especially SMEs, which have generated an effect negative productivity, seriously affecting the national consumers who don’t have the possibility of acquisition of basic products at a reasonable price based on their income. Product just the actions of the Government, its laws, regulations, tax has made many companies wholesale jerseys closed, others, operate with fears, with uncertainty to their future and to activate the import to offer commodities requiring national consumers, seriously affecting the little productivity of some SMEs, companies that do not have the support to cope with the consequences of government programs, which show much insecurity, little cohesion, ointegracion very significantly resulting Cheap Jordans in productivity. Chichi Paez, thereon tells us on the subject, to speak of success under the current circumstances of the economy and of Venezuelan companies, is reduced, in the majority of cases, to survival; In these circumstances, considered managements have disappeared, the high management turnover and the concentration of functions, before individual, are palpable facts; The search for successful managers in the manufacturing industry was arduous, because of the enormous rate of closures of plants or reductions in operations; Investments in technology and improvement of production processes, in the cases discussed, dropped between 60% and 70%. oakley sunglasses sale

In the diagnosis of the environment, all absolutely agree in recognizing the critical situation, not only economic, but motivational crisis, the profound impact of the exodus of Executive talent in the Venezuelan management. According to the information provided by the ten most successful Presidents, the great challenges which they face in the current crisis and to exit triumphantly, apply – among others – the following strategies: an organizational architecture more lightweight and efficient, to ensure sustained growth in the key results areas; A shared leadership; Establishment of a communicational process massive and efficient, whereas strategic decisions must be based on consensus, so that there is the commitment needed to overcome the objectives and goals set forth; Create the best chance of victory against the crisis, through the utilization of resources of creativity, professionalism, teamwork, enthusiasm and above all-with much Mystique, will; Establishment of a process of balance, keeping permanent programs of rationalization of costs, in function to obtain the highest efficiency; Better financial planning;

A process of continuous improvement of quality; Effective control of costs; Innovation in marketing processes; Consolidation and strengthening of relations with partners in the business, with the distribution channels and consumers, in a local structure and a continuous investment; Ability to maintain a Working Group highly motivated and committed, through the principle of equity; Ability to react appropriately, be proactive and take appropriate decisions that allow the best possible adaptation to the current situation; Generation of opportunities that are not only favourable to the company, but for the customer; Always have a vision of winning; How essential is knowing the market, consumers and thus anticipate the needs with the aim of developing strategies that add value to the products; A human resource committed to the overall management of the Organization; Revision, flexibility and continuous rethinking of plans and policies to ensure the achievement of the goals and objectives; Internal cultural positioning that prepares them to face the changes and to transform themselves, in a timely manner, in accordance with the dictates of the national and international environment; The most successful cheap football jerseys china in these circumstances will be those that are more quick to adapt to new realities and respond cheap nba jerseys to the changing needs of the market: compete with aggressiveness and subsistence and protection of the human resource function to maintain the mystique and the esprit de corps.