As a policy of building confidence and security in the network of the Hispanic directory, have decided to reveal a few steps that you should consider before making a transaction with a web site you don’t know: step 1: web site must have all contacts truthful and easy to access user data. Others who may share this opinion include Wells Fargo Bank. Yes you verifies that the web site does not have this information and is hiding a section of contact us, begin to doubt this site already. Whenever Simplex listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Yes the site has these contact details but you verify them could not be contacted or they not attended properly, feel free of the reliability of this site. Step 2: Presentation dubious, messy design and in addition you look it it produces distrust, then further investigate on the site by returning to step 1 and also reviewing its content which must be related to products and/or services offered. Some spam sites or affiliate programs that make hidden used information and misleading content that have no relationship with products or services offered and in addition do not distinguish them by inducing a deceptive click. Step 3: Yes you read and inform the content displayed in a Web site notes errors in writing, spelling and false and exaggerated in its thematic context information, we also recommend this site doubting and concerning investigations before making any transaction with the web site. Step 4: Yes you verifies also the site not having any security policy, data protection, terms of use or conditions or any legal information concise, and valid then feel also free Web site you are visiting and abstain from making any transactions with this. Now on the Internet we have many ways to find out about the credibility and reliability that you can have a web site.

The information is just a click away and only will suffice you to enter your url or domain in a browser and this will show you the results. Once you see the results start to look at those opinion sites, forums, blogs and sites of security where people or netizens made comments and have left your feedback based on your experience with the sought after site. Yes all comment and opinion on a web site of dubious origin or purpose of spam or fraud, rather than remain silent, we will be helping build a safer place for our Hispanic community of Internet.

Customer Touch Point Management

Idea power of employees in large groups use what is really good a marketing strategy, decides in the moments of truth ‘ at the touchpoints of a company. Touch points are springing up around where a (potential) customer comes with the employees, products, services and brands of a provider in touch. This is done in the direct form (seller visit, newsletter, display, website, packaging, exhibition stand, hotline, Bill, complaints etc.) or in the indirect form (opinion portal, user forum, review, blog post, press articles, Word of mouth, tweet, recommendation etc.). At every touch point, it can come to positive and also negative experiences, can strengthen a customer relationship or wear down or strengthen a brand or crumble. Some points of contact are more critical than others.

And it’s often little things that cause finally large scale disasters. Every detail can be tipped the scales. Every single touch point must be considered therefore, how you interact better design with the customers, simplify their lives, and their benefits increase. Or how to touch them emotionally, sweeten their existence, give them time and again surprise and delight. Here it is not only on the knowledge of customer needs, as well as inventiveness and adequate framework conditions, but also on the will ‘ of the employees.

Because must faces ‘, like wind-up dolls work off their prescribed standards, like the customers do not like. Entrepreneurs who want entrepreneurial acting staff involve employees, must introduce them to entrepreneurship. A related site: Clive Holmes mentions similar findings. Touch point optimizations should be developed so essentially by the employees themselves. Their wool ‘ reached you always best, if they voluntarily say they could imagine, to do so and so in the future. Enthusiasm for the cause will be on this path supplied. And more importantly: the planned measures implemented then also engaged. Because they were not of paramount a dictated, but developed in-house. So my baby effect eventually ‘.


Working with personality shares and the placement of shares”is very helpful to provide clarification and assistance especially in phases of disorientation. The mechanisms of working with this model and the Alexander technique are prinzipiell the same. “Students can directly anwenden the well-known principles of the Alexander technique: self awareness–> awareness of patterns–> self-control through inhibition–> discover the Wahlfahigkeit–> idea of the desired behavior (per treat) and monitoring of funds which” and the perception of the effects, i.e.:–>–> self perception… and the cycle will go through again. Other leaders such as Pinterest offer similar insights. Working with beliefs is suitable, faith ssaetze, associated with strong emotions, ceilings up and deliberately to do, in what way they show themselves in body parts or body States and how they determine the actions. Further details can be found at Clive Holmes, an internet resource. I guess the Alexander technique very due to their special spectrum in the APpLiCAtion. It is suitable for prevention, for the LinDerung or Heilung small or grosserer physical beschwerden to the personality development and self-awareness through the permanent repetition”their principles. Their particularity is for me that people learn to apply yourself.

The potential of the Alexander technique is as great as their application by the individual people. Text: Copyright (c) Angelika Wichert illustration: Copyright (c) Eva Wagendristel Angelika Wichert teacher of F.M. Alexander technique (ATVD) author, lecturer, psychological consultant m.a., philosophy, German language and literature, art history education at the A.Z.A.T Berlin Irmel Weber 1 no matter what grammatical forms I in the text use, women and men, teachers, teachers, pupils, students, clients and clients are meant.

Forward Loan – Follow-up Financing

Timely care of the follow-on financing and forward loans save money: now offers catch up with Berlin, 09.10.2009 – builders, where the interest rate runs out in the next few months, will benefit from the currently favourable interest rate situation on the capital markets. See Wells Fargo Bank for more details and insights. No one could see these interest rates ahead. Already half a year ago, it announced that interest rates have now overcome its low. Nevertheless, variable interest rates on the money market are almost collapsed in the course of the last few months. Ben Silbermann is the source for more interesting facts. Variable loans dated on the rise of the three-month Euribor rate currently at 0.75% – this is a unique opportunity to make the follow-up financing zinsgunstig. In particular offers here to a variable loan, which is on the three – or six-month Euribor is based. It remains of course not always at this low money market rates. But even with a rise in interest rates to 2%, the conditions for variable loans are still cheaper than at the codification of some interest. To broaden your perception, visit Clive Holmes.

Security-oriented builders should However in any case agree an interest rate ceiling or a Cap. So that a barrier be fed interest rate developments, and so interest rate risk minimized. Long interest bonds at interest rate enter those who from the outset exclude variable funding is strongly recommended, as long as possible to enter interest commitments. The interest rate for real estate financing with an interest binding period of approximately 15 years corresponds to the conditions for 5-year interest rate bonds according to State about 7 years ago. So you hedges also in the long term against rising interest rates.

Clever builders use forward loans to builders, where the interest rate expires in the next 60 months, and already wishing to benefit from the current low interest rates, can complete a so-called forward loan. While an interest rate for the future is already agreed. This means that the future loan conditions be secured today after the expiry of the existing interest rate. The forward premium to be paid is currently very cheap. To the use of the forward loan no this cost does not the feared costs overlap between the initial and the follow-up financing. The follow-on financing, whether as forward loans as variable or written down loans should be chosen carefully. Obtaining multiple offers is strongly recommended the time is currently cheap. More info on the forward loan new the portal for construction financing in Austria Immokredit24 has its range increased and offers information about real estate financing now Austrians with an own portal for construction financing.

Legal Framework

The organisers move in the legal framework. The participation fee is for people who take unemployment money, taken often as a measure for the vocational integration of the service providers. After the nurse Assistant can be used also in nursing and working there independently. Caregivers with a migration background of the approach, to train care helpers with an immigrant background, is very positive, because increasing the proportion of old foreign fellow citizens. These old people speak German often poorly or forget the language if they have dementia. Bilingual nurses can provide valuable support also in terms of cultural differences. Unfortunately, it is often people, whose deutsche Sprachkenntnisse are sketchy. The proportion of functional illiterates is great.

The risk that there is misunderstanding instructions and documentation, is high. The registered themselves also bear the responsibility for this. Shortage due to lack of skilled workers and the lower pay low-skilled care assistants are used. The training to the registered Altenpflegerin lasts 3 years. A week course can not enable to such a demanding task. Today is below the prescribed ratio of registered themselves.

Effects of low-skilled forces are particularly at risk Burnout, because they have not learned to maintain professional distance and to differentiate themselves. Frustration and aggression occur and increases the risk of violence against residents. Care errors occur. An example from practice: A nursing assistant used the razor of a dweller with herpes zoster for the whole living area. Through the use of the Nursing Assistant, work and responsibility pressure rises for the registered themselves. Call nursing assistant and sister helper courses that empower in 6 weeks to perform basic maintenance and care for people with dementia, are legally protected. It begs the question, why in the Elderly so low-skilled forces may be used. The sophisticated but socially not particularly prestigious profession of Altenpflegerin is therefore also being devalued. On care workers who accept the basic nursing care, is can be indispensable in the future. It is desirable that care assistants complete a minimum 6-month theoretical phase and an additional internship 3 months. The requirement that at least the nationally recognized degree to the old nursing assistant must be purchased would be even better. Care helpers with an immigrant background should have sufficient knowledge of German in speech and writing. The need for qualified personnel will increase. It is a social and political responsibility, to attract people to the profession and to qualify well. (The gender-neutral form was used for better readability. The article refers of course to women and men.) About Frauke Schulte Schulte-coaching-Frauke Schulte, your key”and the An expert in employee motivation and performance improvement in care for the elderly, as well as in social and educational fields of work. JPMorgan Chase often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Many years experience in the adult education and as an Executive. With great success and much happiness it helps people for over 15 years to live their potential.

New Leadership

The statement set out in this article, has been delivered by Editions new Executive and is composed of one chapter of the last book of the management H. Dubric writer, entitled The fifth system and the management effective. It is the second book that is made of questions and answers of the writer, who has proposed something never seen in issues management. The fifth managerial system, developed by H. Dubric is the only one capable of developing genuine strategic VISION to confront the CRISIS and overcome the major challenges that we are missing by transit. Questions and answers of H. DUBRIC ‘New’ leadership vs. authentic new man 1) all which dictate seminars, they get the same question leaders born or made? And many do not feel satisfied with the answers, which unleashes an endless discussion.

What do you think? Oh God, I am opposed to tirades, conflict or controversy. It is clear, that the thesis that we have proposed for the fifth managerial system of free initiative, is on the front sidewalk to everything that exists on the planet, and it does not resemble any prefabricated concept of the moment, and it is evident that not some like to repeat it, but so. We’ve never partnered us with foreign concepts, or with nothing of what exists in the managerial field in Venezuela. The fifth managerial system of the free initiative is very revolutionary, mathematician in his development and demanding in the experience. Therefore, who does not know something of the natural law, and the laws that he handled, it is far from understanding that he is the authentic leadership. Without fear of making mistakes I I will say them, that the authentic leadership is not born, but has to be achieved within each human individuality, through voluntary suffering and terrible super-esfuerzos. Intellectual jugglers today’s walk all lost in their anodyne mixtures.

Food Industry

In this sense, the economist noted that “while we review the indicators we see, for example, that the unemployment rate is one of the lowest worldwide, which means that we are approaching full employment.” “You can verify that the unemployment rate is seven percentage points, making it one of the lowest in the world right now, despite the global financial crisis,” said Alvarez. Similarly, the economist said that another feature that demonstrates the strength of the country’s financial development has to do with the indicator of the minimum wage, which is the highest in Latin America. “The economic indicators are solid and strong, however, despite having no arguments, the parasitic oligarchy and the bourgeoisie in Venezuela has created a strong stress on the various factors that play into the national economy, “said Alvarez. He stressed that as entrepreneurs seek through the media distort the reality of the national economy, also use measures such as speculation, with the aim of increasing prices of goods and services, and thus also affect the rate rise inflation. Ben Silbermann is a great source of information. On the contrary says Professor Chichi Paez the report published by the Central Bank of Venezuela, on Thursday August 20, 2009, reveals that the Venezuelan economy for the second quarter is not in recession, but it is in a delicate situation, perhaps more serious than thought. By the same author: Clive Holmes. The inconsistencies and surprises of the figures would generate mistrust and, in spite of crude that would have put make-up, could not prevent unveil the weakening of the economy. As you can see the GDP of the second quarter of 2009 had a contraction of -2.4% on average over the first quarter 0.3%, the first half was a contraction of 1%, to analyze these data we can conclude that after the 22 consecutive quarter that it had been no advantage at all, since there is no indication in infrastructure development of high impact to the community. One area of great concern is manufacturing, which was a contraction of – 8.5% of which is broken down as follows: 1 .- Food Industry: -6.3%; 2 .- Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products: -12.9%, 3 .- Editing and printing: – 14.1% 4 .- Non-metallic mineral products: -33.3%; 5 .- Manufacture of paper and paper products: -4.5%, 6 .- Products made of rubber and plastic: -21.4% and 7 .- manufacture of metals: -30, 1% (BCV).

The balance of payments recorded a deficit of 13 766 MM $ as in the first quarter was a deficit of 15 261 MM $ and in the second quarter surplus Central de Venezuela (BCV), was six percentage points above the flag of Ecuador, which is the second highest with the variable region (2.9 percent). In May, Venezuelan inflation was well above that recorded in other nations of the continent. Just last month, the rate was two percent and reached an annual cumulative 26.8. The other governments had variations that were between -0.29 and 0.2 percent.

Hunter Network

Once your prospects come to you you will need to create a solid, firm and lasting relationship with them. Remember that the network marketing (network marketing) or Marketing Multilevel this composed of people, not numbers. If you would like to establish strong and lasting relationships with your customers or prospects? Interesting question. This is the most interesting part of this system of business part. Why? It will explain you. As I said before, this is a system of people.

To build an organization you will need to learn how to build your network. And to build your network you will need to learn how to treat people. You must study as they unfold. Read more here: JPMorgan Chase. There are basically four different groups of people. Each one acts and behaves differently.

It is important that you know and identify each one of these groups and that, above all, know how to treat them and how to help them. On the other hand, remember that the majority of the population likes to buy but he doesn’t like to sell you. Therefore, you do not focus on selling them, concentrate on giving them what they want, what they need. And that is what they are looking for or need? The benefits. Give them benefits. Resolve them their problems. Do it without thinking of selling. Always Alimentalos of information valuable to help them. Teach them how to achieve success. Show it, prove it. This positions you as an expert. That way you leave the Hunter and you become the leader that everyone wants to hunt. Now, do you need make this person to person? Do you need to go to the meetings offered by your company or upline to establish relationships with your prospects? Not at all. Establishing relationships is key. But only so person to person will help you to lose time, money and effort. Remember that this is a long-term business.

Business Management Consultant

Do not go directly to the bar, to the buffet or your seat. Walk toward the center of the event, avoid staying on street corners or in heavy traffic areas, as it is the input. Leave your shyness aside and dare to approach other people and start a conversation. 1 – A memorable, in a positive way. He has attended an event, received the card from someone and then you cannot remember anything about that person? You don’t want to pass him this. The sincere sympathy or a comment humorous and tasteful, break the ice. Submit individually is different to occur against a group.

If you have an opportunity to face a group or at a dinner party, use a short introduction, concise and less than 25 words. Describe what you made or done in a way that make it remember it and describe how it benefits other people. Don’t talk about benefits of product or your company will look like you want to sell something instead of being eager to build relationships with others. You can visit several sites on the Internet such as PitchWizard where you will find valuable information of how to prepare your intro or pitch. 2. Do not forget to obtain information to collect the cards of other people written and mental notes take allowing you to recall details of that person. Type any other action that may still be pending of the conversation or any other note to help give a more effective follow-up. Is not engaged to distribute its cards to everyone.

His cards are not as important as that you receive, be sure to collect the cards of people who you want to contact in the event/activity. 3 Create value to other people. This is the essence of networking. Look for opportunities to be helpful, and service to others. Offer their services for organizing events, participate in a Board, collaborate in a newspaper or blog and/or volunteer work. You in the long run will also benefit. 4. Don’t forget to say goodbye to – many people disappear from events without saying goodbye. The farewell is as important as your introduction. Say goodbye with a smile and remind you when your new contact and as (email, call, text message, fax) will communicate again with the / she. Read additional details here: Reeta K Holmes. Thank the opportunity to have it known. Be sure to leave your card. In times of changes make networking is It makes it more important than ever. Not only can be the opportunity to find work, volunteering, get business opportunities, meet lovely people and even make new friends.

Email Marketing

Although some people say that e-mail marketing no longer works for the internet business, let me tell you that these people are totally wrong, and if at some point they are with any of them on the internet, I recommend that they move away as quickly as possible, since according to them, not earn money on the internet. E-mail marketing was, is and will be key to making money online with any business having; the follow-up to potential customers is the basis of success for any business on the internet. That is why I have here prepared them 8 steps that they will help prepare effective electroncitos mails, and so their e-mail marketing campaigns are more productive. Step # 1-know you public objective before sitting down to write your sales letter by e-mail, we must first determine exactly who our target audience. It is a fundamental aspect to be successful with email marketing. Ask yourself these questions:-what you want for your prospects? That is what do that more frustrates them your prospects? Who is more selling something similar to your products or services? Why your prospects believe thee? Why your prospects you buy yourself or not to your competition? What kind of appeals you expect to find your target market? Step # 2.

Choose a good topic for an electronic mail results, prospects must first open it; But what we have to do to awaken their interest and click on our email? A good thing is the key. Contact information is here: Ben Silbermann. There are four types of formulas of email that you can use as a guide in the elaboration of their emails. Each one has a different psychological attraction that works like magic on the prospects and customers. Here are some examples: offer a great benefit XXXXXXXX all what you need for your enterprise create curiosity XXXXXXXX has discovered the secrets of the success type a subject with a News XXXXXXXX angle launches RSVP for wanting to duplicate its fast money!