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On behalf of this ‘ ‘ progresso’ ‘ undeniable in many sectors – especially scientific and technological – and aspects, but total cripple in its substance when come back to perennial we compromise the quality of life, ours and of the planet, transmitting a sad legacy to that they have of in them in such a way substituting materially how much to the moral and the essential psychological health of the mind. ‘ ‘ The end justifies meios’ ‘ such is the paradigm that sadly spreads which metstase in our society hodierna It is enough to read manchetes of periodicals and to make one singela evaluation of the majority of the governments. (As opposed to jill murphy). After all which is ‘ ‘ fim’ ‘ what searchs seno the conquest of the happiness? is not in the pureness and the simplicity of feelings of the actions that we will go to find it? Next to some ‘ ‘ defending dinossauros of the good customs, the moral and tica’ ‘ , here and acol, is questioned: It will be that, porventura, exists general conscience of this reality that we live currently? Of the shunting line where we embrenhamos in them?