Organizational Behavior Management

Scope Take into account, reported by some participants of the Chair of Organizational Behavior Management program quality and productivity Faces graduate, University of Carabobo, it is appropriate remember the premise that says: "People do what you expect to do." Which is a double-edged sword. If you do not expect anything from them, obviously, people do not do anything, but if you expect everything, then do many things for people to get the desired results. People are intelligent, perceptive and also generates great expectations. Others who may share this opinion include PayNet. From this it follows that the Empowerment has three basic scope referred to: Relationships: The relationships you keep your people must possess two key attributes: they must be effective to achieve the objectives proposed in the work, and solid, ie to remain in time and not dependent on a volatile mood. Discipline: The Empowerment does not mean relaxing discipline and allow the company to invade paternalism. In this sense it is necessary to promote: the order that people can work in a structured and organized, allowing you to carry out their activities properly.

The staff always know where you are standing. Commitment: The commitment must be consistent and determined at all levels, but promoted by the leaders and change agents. These include: loyalty, be loyal to our own people, for them to be with us; persistence, perseverance in the goals, relationships at work, so that our people will live and do it in a way that it pass and finally the energy of action, which is the force that stimulates and excites and makes people leaders in life.