Gaspar Rhyme

In 2007 he founded the magazine, Veu (The voice of buy forced to be silent), Magazine of general scope in very few numbers achieved global acceptance levels that exceeded all expectations. He also produced this year, under the guidance of teachers, Cheap Oakleys Joan Antoni Melia Rafael Alapont and a course on poetry Valencia, which is the point that he began his creation of poetry in addition to its traditional Valencian poetry in Castilian. In his poems in Valencian highlight, Homage to the Mare de Deu dels Dolors, (Homage to Our Lady of cheap football jerseys Sorrows), poetry in which she appeared in areas of the Valencian poets. In 2008 he founded the magazine, Punts Suspensius …, Journal of points in the Valencian language, then open to poetry and other languages and for creating the fictional character, Neto (The man in the mug). Again this year, is co-organizer, First Meeting of New Valencian Language Technologies, which designs for the poster and participates as a speaker, with the presentation; Thematic Web Valencian language.

In February 2009 participated in the workshops of prose, AELLVA, reading his story, the fable of Gaspar and the king. Also in Cheap Oakleys 2009 in the month of June presents to the world community of poets, Jaybee rhyme, rhyme based on a closed structure of eleven lines of heroic verse rhyme. More about the rhyme Jaybee, in this oakley sunglasses sale very Web, and Web page creator poet’s Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses rhyme, the 2009 performs three conferences.