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Corporate Social Workers

The acquisition of so many biscuit factories forced him to think to focus its activity in some few, to gain competitive advantage, but it obliged him to dispense with five hundred employees. Of Ray Ban Outlet the eight factories, closed five in only four years, Wholesale NFL Jerseys in a process that initially was difficult, but that was made in an exemplary manner. Own employees contributed to the transfer of equipment and installation in the factories which were, and own Juan Manuel was Center-by-Center explaining oakley sunglasses for men to workers the reasons, were paid the corresponding compensation, and the company was concerned about search placement and other workers, and in cases where this was not possibleoffered the necessary training to be able to access job vacancies with other qualification. For example, when it closed the factory in Paterna (Valencia), with one hundred workers, were at his disposal six hundred jobs with pay equal to or higher, Fake Oakleys within a maximum of thirty miles away. Despite the size purchased, Juan Manuel Gonzalez Serna was aware of that could not compete in some respects with large multinationals that dominate the world’s food, so he decided to be based on constant innovation, differentiation and efficiency. In this way, you don’t see the current boom of white marks a threat to their business model. The so hackneyed Autofahrer Corporate Social responsibility is nfl jerseys cheap a flag that Yes flies in its own right in Siro, featuring plants adapted to certain disabilities, without architectural barriers, and has four floors with the qualification of special employment centres, which work around three hundred people with some type of disability. Therefore, a great example of how to raise a company and create employment approximately 2500 employees-, get commercial success almost three hundred million euros of turnover and export to 40 countries-, worrying about employees and being socially responsible..