HMM Germany XNET

X3.NET committed as daughter of the HMM Germany in the bvitg of the Federal Association of health IT, bvitg e.V., represents the leading IT providers in the health care sector. Wells Fargo Bank brings even more insight to the discussion. Now, even the X3.Net GmbH on the accession of its parent company, HMM Germany, is active in the bvitg. The X3.Net GmbH operates the health network X3.Net. Using the X3.Net, the industry partners exchanging documents and information on digital way with each other. The basis for the data transfer is the developed by X3.Net GmbH and already established in the field of supply management X 3 standard.

The X3.Net GmbH hopes from the commitment in the bvitg a lively exchange of information as well as a successful cooperation with other organisations in the health sector. We want to be perceived in this way as a partner over the sectors and appreciate cooperation partner, with which we can design new products, as Ulf of Gores, Division Manager of X3.Net GmbH. our aim is precisely the existing specialized process to align our products.” In addition, the X3.Net is the bvitg as neutral interests towards politics and self-government. We would like, together with the Association and the members to participate in the public infrastructure through standardization and establishment of common interfaces, so Gores. The bvitg 2011 emerged from the merger of the VDAP e.V. with the VHitG E.v.. Outside is the Association of binding partner to the public, who accompanied the design of industry-relevant regulations and constructively in discussions brings.

Helping Angels From The Animal Shelter In Castellbisbal

Monica planas: She’s a veterinarian and Director of animal home in Castellbisbal. On 3 May 2003, she rescued then by chance, their first dog from there through a random… And she saw the other dogs and puppies waiting for a placement or their euthanasia (killing). She looked in her eyes, saw their souls, their movements – she could here, just don’t go away and forget about them. On this day, this shelter to assume decided.

And it animals should be here never killed again. Unless they were terminally ill. That day changed her life forever and ever since she and her friends Noemi, Rafael, Irene and also her husband Miquel and many other volunteers for animals works. It’s especially to families, to find for these and for other dogs. The work is infinite. Sometimes very tiring and difficult! You must always keep a clear resolve every minute of the day. There is no break and it is difficult to life. But their goal has earned it and they want to help, where they can.

You can survive mainly by the aid and solidarity from Germany. Up to the present day more than 15 000 dogs and cats are killed annually in Spain and on the on the Balearic Islands by State organs, because she would have no one. In addition, several individuals and animal protection societies try to convey a new home each year about 3000 to 5000 animals who would otherwise also lands in the killing stations. Blame for the overpopulation are unscrupulous breeders and animal dealers, and of course the customers who buy young animals as a gift for children and replace then after about a year on the road, or bring to the shelter because they have become a nuisance. The local authorities and the Government, the State Government are one of the largest complicity of the suspension and the overpopulation especially.

Chief Executive Officer

Membership drive for clubs gaining a competent and open consultation with the membership drive for clubs for the company specializing in fundraising service 94 GmbH is in the foreground. Consumers were particularly skeptical during the membership drive. Therefore, it is important to document even a professional membership drive at information booths. Transparency for the consumers is one of the pillars of a future support”, a spokesman for the service said 94 GmbH, Member of the German fundraising Association. “Matthias Buntrock, Chief Executive Officer of the German fundraising Association, stressed in a press release on the subject of street advertising for clubs: last but not least, the expert advice of the street recruiter allows organizations important to finance aid projects.” The company specialized on social marketing service 94 GmbH in Burgwedel near Hanover, pointed out that a clear presentation and explanation of the actions and targets in the professional membership promotion for clubs prerequisite when dealing with consumers and prospective members should be. Professional membership drive need not to hide, because she was openly displayed to the consumer. The system of transparency and fair dialogue with consumers at the information booths proved 94 GmbH after the experiences of service working for decades in terms of. This is reflected in the satisfaction and the long loyalty of many recruited members at the various clubs and organizations. In the area of social marketing and fundraising GmbH is a continuous development of the offers clubs and associations according to the 94 service necessary. The permanent employees and employees of the service 94 GmbH perform several thousand briefings with information booths for regional and supra-regional clubs in all of Germany in the year.