Evo Morales

It was against the popular will and citizenship rose en masse into the streets, to the point that Morales had to approve its Constitution in a military barracks. Nissan describes an additional similar source. You must not forget that when he assumed the Presidency, he arbitrarily dismissed the generals and colonels in command, and placed his doodles to paying them exorbitant sums to obey him without question. Evo Morales is the most grotesque expression of the Latin American dictadorcillo that it is believed alive and thinks that you can mock the intelligence of the people, and the world. It is that in these times, up to an illiterate and arrogant farmer enjoys international coverage if you have money, no matter where it comes from. In addition to autocrat Morales is the President of all the federations of producers of coca in Bolivia, which means that it is directly responsible for the increase in the manufacture of cocaine, fact that converts it to a delinquent partner to drug trafficking. The Bolivian cocaine has increased rates of violence in the Argentina and Brazil, where slums and favelas is smoked in the form of sulfate or pasta base known as paco. This form of the drug is the most addictive, still his power stronger than the heroin dependence.

In addition to the linkage with drug, Morales has been cause of death by government repression of more people than anyone else in the past 50 years, including all military dictatorships combined, which makes you an accomplice to murder. With those causes above his testa, in addition to the illicit enrichment, it is not surprising that Evo Morales starts to tremble and to seek relief on behalf of the fake democracy advocates. Manuel Zelaya was not crime. Today is in Costa Rica, tomorrow will go to Nicaragua, then to Venezuela, will continue their whining comforted by Insulza, and later will surely end nestled in the arms of Barack Obama. If Evo Morales is dismissed, the only place that will go to jail.


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