Save Important Data

The question immediately arises, how to install Windows, all data (photos, videos, music, documents) are preserved and not lost when you reinstall Windows. Fly emergency computer help or try to make this procedure on its own. 1) To save the data on your computer you can use an external storage device. This may be a larger hard disk or flash card. If you do not have external storage Information on who can produce a record, you need to allocate space on one of the free local disk and temporarily move the data in this section. 2) Once you have decided on so much you'll save your important data You can start the procedure itself back up information. The first thing you need to copy the information from the desktop, as this information is stored on the same drive as the Windows operating system and if it failure data can be lost. 3) The next step is to import mail, if you use a mail client such as Outlook Express, or TheBat. 4) Keep your favorite bookmarks in the browser ie, Mozilla, or otherwise used by you. Since after reinstall the operating system disappear all information is stored in your browser's favorites. 5) If you were an important correspondence with customers or relatives, and these data should be retained, do not forget to copy history of icq messages and other on-line messengers.

Remote Administration

Currently, rent dedicated server is not so expensive on the market, there are hundreds of companies offering any configuration of servers in any price category, so that anyone can pick out what would he, performance, and financial costs. In certain reasons (reliability, safety, speed), most hosting providers use on their servers Operating Systems Unix (FreeBSD, NetBSD, various distributions of Linux). Any computer Cheap Jerseys needs constant attention to his person, especially if it's a server that provides the web project, a corporate site or a dozen and hundreds of sites (if hosting). Remote administration of server, this service program of the computer (operating system, various server applications), without direct physical access to it. Himself server, usually stands in the data center End hosting provider. That is, all work is done via the Internet or local network using secure communications protocols (eg ssh or KVM). The very process of administration, it Cheap Oakleys is quite wide range of tasks for server maintenance, which includes aspects such as: Setting up the operating system to optimize performance of specific tasks for specific tasks (eg installation on a busy server different bundles using a web server nginx.) safety cheap nfl jerseys and security of data backup and recovery cheap oakleys sunglasses in case of hardware or software failure software updates, including patching monitoring server (load, error log files, wholesale nfl jerseys etc.), the solution of problems in case of emergency (software or hardware failure)