ProMatic Gate

The rate of opening of the gate 13 centimeters per second. Possible setting the gate width up to 5.0 meters. ProMatic designed for low intensity use, depending on version 5.10 of cycles of opening and closing day, which allows you to install it only cheap Air Jordans on the garage for 1-2 cars. The actuators are equipped with a unique HORMANN automatic locking. This system is installed in the thrust of the drive. It works on the principle of mechanical and not dependent Olivier on electricity.

This device creates additional protection against intrusion by the gate and allows podvazhivaniya locked gate with no electricity. SuprMatic and ProMatic supplied with 4-button mini remote control and built-in Cheap Jordan Shoes radio. Actuators HORMANN have several advantages over other manufacturers of electric drives. They are more speed. As the bus drives a toothed belt is used instead of a chain, like other manufacturers. Belt does not need to grease-lubricated that may drip on your car, and in Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses general it requires no maintenance.

Built-in mechanical lock securely locks the gate even in the absence of electricity. In the case of other electric producers to lock the gate in the absence of electricity, you must have a mechanical lock on the gate itself. Actuators CAME for sectional garage door CAME V700 Electric installed on garage doors with leaf area up to 12m . 260Vt electric motor. Electric CAME V900 is set to sectional garage doors area of gates up wholesale jerseys to 8m . 130W electric motor. These drives differ only in the cheap football jerseys capacity of the engine.

Polyethylene Pipes

In the past few years, the production Wholesale Jerseys of polyethylene pipes in Russia is actively developing. In this case, there is a change in the production of both qualitative and quantitative nature. In Russia there are new Manufacturers of plastic pipes, cheap ray bans as well as expanding product line. The volume of production of polyethylene pipes in Russia in 2005 amounted to 175 thousand tons, which is higher than the 2004 figure of 35%. For several years, the bulk of the pipes, manufactured in Russia, accounts for polyethylene (according to our estimates, in cheap nfl jerseys 2005 – 75%). In January-February 2006, was produced 18 thousand cheap nhl jerseys tons of polyethylene pipe, which is higher than the same period of 2005 to 20%. In this case, should be noted that in January-February smoothly worked only a few ray ban sale large and medium-sized enterprises. 용우눔. As for small businesses, they are mostly idle.

In addition, the later start to the season due to weather conditions led to the fact that the stocks of producers have increased significantly. Now in Russia polyethylene pipes produce more than ninety companies. Their number is growing every year because of growing demand. In the bulk of this business with a small manufacturing facilities, whose products are distributed in local markets. A large number of small producers is due, primarily, ease entry into the business and ease the process. An important factor in increasing the number of manufacturers of plastic pipes is a quick return on investment. At the moment, spread the cost of equipment for the production of polyethylene pipes is considerable.